1:1–17 In the genealogy of Jesus Christ, Matthew makes no effort to hide sinners and scandals. Instead, he highlights them. Jesus’ ancestors include prostitutes, adulterers, violent men, and other sinners of all descriptions. Though this might surprise us, the truth is that there were no people other than sinners to make up His genealogy. Jesus’ ancestors needed a Savior just as much as we do. If God, in His grace, can use such flawed and sinful people, how much more can He bless and use sinners who witness the Messiah’s sinless sacrifice and believe in Him today! • Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for including me, a sinner, among those whom You came to save. Amen.

1:1-17 在耶稣基督的家谱中,马太并没有掩盖罪人和丑闻。相反,他刻意把他们罗列出来。耶稣的祖先包括妓女、通奸者、暴力分子和其他各种类型的罪人。虽然这可能会让我们感到吃惊,但事实是,除了罪人之外,耶稣的家谱里面再没有其他人。耶稣的祖先和我们一样需要一位救主。如果上帝在祂的恩典中可以使用这样有缺陷和有罪的人,那么他就更能祝福和使用今天那些为弥赛亚无罪的牺牲作见证并且信靠祂的罪人! – 主耶稣基督,感谢你将我这个罪人纳入你来到世上要拯救的人之中。阿门。

1:18–25 Joseph serves as a model for believers. Before he knew the reason for Mary’s pregnancy, he wanted to treat her justly but mercifully. However, when God’s angel reveals the unique miracle of a virginal conception, Joseph believes, and he fulfills his responsibilities by marrying his betrothed and raising Jesus. Some people today struggle to believe the virgin birth, but it takes no more faith for us to believe than it did for Joseph. In fact, we have the evidence of Joseph’s testimony to help us. He saw and believed that God can do what He promises. Likewise, the Holy Spirit works faith in our hearts to believe that God can do anything good and that Jesus is truly both God and man. • O Holy Spirit, strengthen my faith, and fill me with joy as I reflect on the miracle of Christ’s birth. Amen.

1:18-25 约瑟是众信徒的榜样。在他知道马利亚怀孕的真正原因之前,他想公正地、但又仁慈地面对她。然而,当上帝的天使揭示了处女受孕这一独特的神迹时,约瑟相信了,他就履行了自己的责任,与他的未婚妻马丽亚结婚并一起抚养耶稣。今天有些人很难相信童贞女能够生育,但对我们来说,相信童贞女能够怀孕生子,并不需要比约瑟有更多的信心。事实上,我们有约瑟见证的证据来帮助我们。他看到并相信上帝能做到祂所承诺的。同样地,圣灵在我们的心中制造信心,使我们相信上帝能做任何好事,相信耶稣确实既是上帝又是人。- 哦,主圣灵啊,请坚固我的信心,在我思考基督诞生的神迹时,使我充满喜悦。阿门。

2:1–12 God uses a star, Scripture, and a dream to guide the Magi on their way to and from Bethlehem. They are the first of many Gentiles to worship Jesus. Today, through His Word, the Father guides people of all nations to Christ. Jesus is the “star” the Father provided for us so that we can see our Savior. The Holy Spirit works faith in our hearts through the Gospel, and like the Magi, we joyfully offer our gifts of thanksgiving to Jesus. • “Holy Spirit, light divine, Shine upon this heart of mine; . . . Let me see my Savior’s face, Let me all His beauties trace; Show those glorious truths to me Which are only known to Thee.” Amen. (LSB 496:1–2)

2:1-12 上帝在路上使用一颗星星、圣经经卷和一个梦来引导博士们往返伯利恒。他们是众多外邦人中第一批敬拜耶稣的人。今天,通过祂的话语,天父引导所有国家的人来到基督面前。耶稣是天父为我们提供的那颗”星”,使我们能够看见我们的救主,因为耶稣就是我们的救主。圣灵通过福音在我们的心中产生信仰,我们就像这几个博士一样,欢喜地向耶稣献上感恩的礼物。- “圣灵,神圣的光,照耀我这颗心;……。让我看到我的救主的脸,让我瞻仰祂所有的美善;向我显明那些只有你才知道的荣耀的真理。” 阿门。(路德宗崇拜书 496:1-2)

2:13–15 After God’s warning, Joseph immediately flees with his family in the middle of the night. This is an example of how God protects His people. When threatening challenges surround us, we trust that God is in control and that He will protect us. Most of all, we know that He has already protected us from our greatest enemies: sin, death, and the devil. • Heavenly Father, keep me from ever doubting Your protecting care. Amen.

2:13-15 在上帝发出警告后,约瑟立即带着家人半夜逃走了。这是神如何保护祂的子民的一个例子。当威胁性的挑战围绕着我们时,我们相信神在掌权,祂必将保护我们。最重要的是,我们知道祂已经保护我们远离我们最大的敌人:罪、死亡和魔鬼。- 天父,让我永远不要怀疑你的保护和看顾。阿门。

2:16–18 The young boys of Bethlehem die, but Jesus escapes. He escapes death at the hands of Herod, that later He might die on the cross for all sinners, even ones so cruel as Herod or so young as two-year-olds. Jesus sacrificed His innocent life to redeem all people from sin, death, and the power of the devil. Trusting in Jesus, we have perfect innocence before our Father in heaven. • We praise You, Jesus, for willingly giving up Your life at the proper time for our salvation. Amen.

2:16-18 伯利恒的小男孩们都死了,但耶稣逃过一劫。祂从希律王手中逃脱了死亡,为的是后来他可以为所有的罪人死在十字架上,这所有罪人包括像希律王这样残忍的人,或者像两岁孩子这样年幼的人。耶稣牺牲了自己无辜的生命,为要把所有人从罪恶、死亡和魔鬼的权势中救出来。相信耶稣,我们在天父面前就有完全的洁白无瑕。- 我们赞美你,耶稣,因为你在适当的时候为我们的救赎甘愿献出你的生命。阿门。

2:19–23 God’s revelation leads Joseph to take Mary as his wife. He later flees to Egypt and finally settles permanently in Nazareth with God’s guidance. These events may have seemed confusing to Joseph, but God had a plan. All of the Lord’s leading was to fulfill OT prophecies. We do not always know where God is leading us, but we can be sure that He will be with us and that His plans are for our good. • Loving Father, help me to pray with Jesus, “Your will be done,” and follow where You lead. Amen.

2:19-23 上帝的启示引导约瑟娶马利亚为妻。后来他逃到埃及,最后在上帝的指引下在拿撒勒永久定居。这些事件对约瑟来说可能显得很困惑,但神有一个计划。主的所有引导都是为了实现旧约的预言。我们并不总是知道神引导我们去往哪里,但我们可以肯定,祂必将与我们同在,而且祂的计划是为我们的益处。- 慈爱的天父,请帮助我与耶稣一起祈祷:”愿你的旨意成就”,并跟随你的指引。阿门。