22:1–14 Though God earnestly invites all to His Son’s feast, some refuse to accept His invitation and so fail to enjoy its richness. Coming from a long line of believers does not guarantee anyone a place in God’s kingdom. Ingratitude and presumption ever threaten to lead us away. Though we in no way deserve mercy, the Gospel earnestly invites us to come and join the Lord in His eternal heavenly banquet. • Heavenly Father, thank You for preparing a table before us in the presence of our enemies and graciously calling us to dwell in Your house forever. Amen.

22:1–14 ,虽然上帝诚心邀请所有人来参加祂儿子的盛宴,但有些人拒绝接受祂的邀请,因此无法享受其中的丰盛。即使来自一个虔诚的信徒世家也不能保证任何人在上帝的国度中得到一席之地。忘恩负义和自以为是常常使我们陷入背离主道的危险境地。尽管我们丝毫不配蒙受怜悯,福音仍然恳切地邀请我们来加入主永恒的天国盛宴。• 天父啊,感谢祢在我们仇敌面前为我们设摆筵席,慈悲地呼召我们永远在你的殿中居住。阿们。

22:15–22 Jesus’ followers owe loyalty and obedience not only to Him, but also to the human rulers that God Himself has established. Though Christians may be tempted to avoid taxes and shirk civic responsibilities, they must “render to Caesar.” Civil authority and good governmental leaders are beneficial means whereby God blesses us. • “Thou who art ever nigh, Guarding with watchful eye, To Thee aloud we cry: God save the State!” Amen. (LSB 965:2)

22:15-22 耶稣的追随者不仅要对上帝忠诚和顺服,也要对上帝亲自设立的统治者忠诚和顺服。尽管基督徒可能会被诱惑去避税和逃避公民责任,但他们必须明白 “凯撒的物当归给凯撒”。民事权力和好的政府领导者是上帝祝福我们并且使我们受益的媒介。- “你时刻与我们同在,用警醒的眼睛看守着我们,我们高声呼喊: 上帝拯救这个国家!” 阿们。(路德宗崇拜书965:2)

22:23–33 Jesus vindicates Israel’s resurrection hope by masterfully interpreting the Scriptures given them through Moses. Dismissing the bodily resurrection denies the Lord, who promises to raise us from the dead. The God who promised to bring life and immortality to light has fulfilled this promise by raising His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. • “He lives and grants me daily breath; He lives, and I shall conquer death; He lives my mansion to prepare; He lives to bring me safely there.” Amen. (LSB 461:7)

22:23-33 耶稣通过巧妙地解释上帝藉着摩西给他们的经文,为以色列人的复活盼望辩护。否定身体的复活就是否定那位应许必要使我们从死里复活的主。那位曾应许要给我们永恒生命的上帝,使他的儿子,我们的主耶稣基督复活,藉此已经实现了这个应许。- “他活着,赐我每日的呼吸;他活着,我将战胜死亡;他活着,为我预备住所;他活着,将我安全带到那里”。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 461:7)

22:34–40 Jesus avoids another trap set by His opponents, correctly identifying love for God and for neighbor as the two main concerns of the divine Commandments. Among our many sins, none is more grievous than our failure to love God above all else. Thankfully, God does not respond to our selfishness by reciprocating. Instead, He gives us the greatest gift: His only-begotten Son. • “Living God, Your almighty power is made known chiefly in showing mercy and pity. Grant us the fullness of Your grace to lay hold of Your promises and live forever in Your presence; through Jesus Christ.” Amen. (LSB Altar Book, p 835)

22:34-40 耶稣避开了敌对者设置的另一个陷阱,准确地将对上帝的爱和对邻居的爱确定为神圣诫命的两个主要关注点。在我们众多的罪中,没有什么比我们不把爱上帝放在首位的罪更为严重。值得庆幸的是,上帝并没有以我们的自私行为来报应我们。相反,祂给了我们最大的礼物:祂的独生子。- “永活的上帝,你施行恩典和怜悯,这是你彰显自己全能的首要方式。求你赐给我们丰盛的恩典,使我们能紧握你的应许,永远活在上帝的同在当中;藉着耶稣基督我们祈祷。” 阿们。(路德宗祭坛书,第835页)

22:41–46 Jesus’ authoritative interpretation of the OT proves that the Messiah is not merely human but also divine. While some people accept His humanity, only those who acknowledge Him as Savior and God have the certain hope of salvation. Jesus Christ, God’s eternal Son, descended from heaven, assumed our flesh, suffered, died, and rose again, that we might share in His glory. • “Beautiful Savior, Lord of the nations, Son of God and Son of Man! Glory and honor, Praise, adoration Now and forevermore be Thine!” Amen. (LSB 537:4)

22:41-46 耶稣对旧约的权威性解释证明,弥赛亚不仅仅是人,而且是神。虽然有些人接受祂的人性,但只有那些承认祂是救主和神的人,才有得救的确据。耶稣基督,上帝的永生之子,从天而降,取了肉身,受苦、受死和复活,使我们可以分享祂的荣耀。- “美丽的救主,万国的主,神的儿子,人的儿子! 荣耀和尊贵,赞美和崇拜,都是你的, 从今时直到永远!” 阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 537:4)

23:1–36 Jesus criticizes the Pharisees’ hypocrisy and obstinacy. Of all the charges that will be laid against God’s people on Judgment Day, none is more damning than the accusation that they despised God’s Word. Even Jesus’ most acrimonious denunciations are motivated by His sincere desire that people turn from sin and death and receive the gift of eternal life. • Lord Jesus, thank You for loving us enough to warn us when we stray from Your Word. Keep us steadfast in Your truth. Amen.

23:1-36 耶稣批评了法利赛人的虚伪和顽固。在审判日对上帝的子民提出的所有指控中,最严重的指责是他们藐视上帝的话语。即使是耶稣最尖锐的谴责,也是出于祂真诚的愿望,即希望人们离开罪恶和死亡,接受永生的礼物。- 主耶稣,感谢你爱我们,在我们偏离你的话语时警戒我们。让我们坚定不移地站在你的真理中。阿们。

23:37–39 Just days before His sacrificial death for all people, Jesus laments the fact that so many of His people reject Him and the gift of eternal life. In the end, those who reject Jesus and refuse His offer of eternal life will be judged. Even when hated and rejected by many, Jesus never stopped loving and sincerely reaching out to them. He does the same with us. • Fill us with Your unbounded love, O Lord, that we never cease to love and long for the salvation of all, even for those who revile You and hate us as Your disciples. Amen.

23:37-39 就在耶稣为所有人牺牲的前几天,耶稣对许多人拒绝祂和永生的礼物感到悲伤。到末日,那些拒绝耶稣和祂所提供的永生的人将受到审判。即使被许多人憎恨和拒绝,耶稣从未停止对他们的爱和真诚的呼唤。他对我们也是如此。- 主啊,求你用你无尽的爱充满我们,使我们永远不停止爱世人和渴望他们的救赎,甚至那些亵渎你和憎恨我们做你门徒的人。阿们。