5:1–20 Despite Jesus’ magnificent work of deliverance, the reaction to Him is mixed. The man eagerly wishes to follow Jesus and then enthusiastically furthers His cause, while the townspeople ask Jesus to go away. The Lord still receives the same kind of mixed reaction today, even among those who follow Him, especially when doing so requires a change from established ways. But what remarkable kindness Jesus shows! He rescues people from the devil’s power and even the grave itself, and then allows them to be witnesses to the wonders of His grace. • Lord, rescue us from the power of Satan, and draw us from the grave through Your resurrection. May we learn joyfully to tell our neighbors what good things the Lord has done. Amen.

5:1-20 尽管耶稣做了伟大的拯救工作,但人们对祂的反应不一。经文中的这个人热切地希望跟随耶稣,并热情地推动祂的事业,而镇上的人却要求耶稣离开。今天,即使是在跟随主的人中间,主也会受到同样的褒贬不一的反应,特别是当跟随主需要改变既定的生活方式时。但耶稣表现出的仁慈是何等的非凡!他把人从魔鬼的权势甚至坟墓中拯救出来,然后让他们见证祂恩典的奇妙。- 主啊,救我们脱离撒旦的权势,通过你的复活将我们从坟墓中拯救出来。愿我们喜乐地告诉邻舍,主所行的善事。阿们。

5:21–43 Jesus heals Jairus’s daughter and a woman with a chronic ailment. Like Jairus, we often worry that the Lord’s delay in answering our prayers may end up in catastrophe. But the Eternal One, who overcame death by rising from the dead, never runs out of time. In fact, His gracious promise is that we shall share eternal life with Him. • Lord, grant us to believe without doubting that You can heal every illness. Give us patience, as well, that we might be unmoved while waiting for You to act in Your own good time and in accord with Your gracious will. Amen.

5:21-43 耶稣医治了睚鲁的女儿和一个患慢性病的妇人。像睚鲁一样,我们常常担心主迟迟不应允我们的祷告,以至导致灾难。但是,永恒的主从死里复活, 又战胜了死亡,祂永远不会来不及。事实上,祂恩典的应许是我们将与祂共享永生。- 主啊,求你赐给我们信心,让我们毫不怀疑地相信你能够治愈一切疾病。求你也赐给我们忍耐,使我们在等待你按你的时间和旨意行事的时候,有不动摇的信心。阿们。

6:1–6 Two very different astonishments stand side by side: Jesus’ teachings amaze His hometown neighbors; yet their close-minded hard-heartedness leaves Jesus amazed. We see similar contrasts today as people experience so much goodness from God and yet remain unthankful and unbelieving. But Jesus did not retaliate or write people off, even when they scornfully dismissed Him. He took the world’s rejection and, through His sacrificial death, reconciled all people to God. • Lord, give us eyes to recognize You, ears to receive Your Word, and hearts to believe its promises. By Your grace, bring us to the fullness of Your glory in heaven. Amen.

6:1-6 这里有两种截然不同的惊奇: 耶稣的教导使祂家乡的邻舍惊奇不已;然而,他们封闭的思想和刚硬的性竟使耶稣也感到惊奇。我们今天也能看到类似的对比,人们经历了如此多来自上帝的恩惠,却仍然不感恩、不信主。但即使他们轻蔑藐视耶稣,耶稣也没有报复或抛弃他们。祂承担了世人的拒绝,并且通过祂的牺牲死亡,使所有人与上帝和好。- 主啊,求你赐给我们能够辨认你的眼睛,领受你话语的耳朵,和相信你话语的心。藉着你的恩典,带我们进入你在天上的丰盛荣耀中。阿门。

6:7–13 The disciples multiply Jesus’ healing and revealing ministry, building on the foundation laid by John the Baptist and anticipating their own ministries, which will bear full fruit after Jesus’ ascension. Even as Jesus sends the Twelve, He anticipates that not everyone will welcome the Gospel, as is still true today. Nevertheless, God unfailingly opens hearts and doors to their ministry, and He promises to do the same until the end of time. • Lord, give us courage to share Your Word to a dying world in these uncertain times. Open hearts to repentance and faith in the Gospel. Amen.

6:7-13 门徒们基于施洗约翰所打下的基础,倍增了耶稣医治和启示的事工,也期待着他们自己的事工, 这事工会在耶稣升天后结出丰硕的果实。即使耶稣派遣十二门徒,祂也预料到不是每个人都会欢迎福音,今天依然如此。然而,上帝始终能够为他们的事工打开心门,并应许直到世界末日也会如此。- 主啊,求你赐给我们勇气,在这不确定的时代向垂死的世界分享你的道。求你打开世人的心门,让祂们悔改并相信福音。阿们。

6:14–29 Coming just after the story about Jesus’ rejection in Nazareth, the tragic story of John gives an unmistakable foreshadowing of what awaits Jesus: rejection and even violent hostility. But rejection and violence cannot overcome the risen Lord. His victory over death and the grave shows how wonderfully He can turn such antagonism into life and salvation. • Lord, give us a faith like John’s, especially his integrity and trust. Help us to believe unquestioningly that faithfulness unto death will receive the crown of eternal life. Amen.

6:14-29 约翰的悲惨故事紧接着耶稣在拿撒勒被弃绝的故事,明确无误地预示了等待耶稣的是什么:被弃绝,甚至暴力敌对。但拒绝和暴力无法战胜复活的主。祂对死亡和坟墓的胜利显示了祂能够非常奇妙地将这种敌对转化为生命和救赎。- 主啊,求你赐给我们像约翰一样的信心,特别是他的正直和信靠。帮助我们毫不怀疑地相信,至死忠心并获得永生的冠冕。阿们。

6:30–44 When a multitude of Jesus’ followers have far too little food for all to eat, Jesus multiplies five loaves and two fishes so that all are satisfied. When problems threaten us and needs overwhelm our resources, what is our reaction? Do we turn first to the Lord? We should, as His Word makes clear, for He still treats His flock with compassion and more than provides for every need of body and soul. • Lord, thank You for providing so abundantly and for graciously sustaining our bodies and souls. Teach us to turn to You first in every want and need. Amen.

6:30-44 当耶稣的众多跟随者的食物太少,无法满足所有人的需要时,耶稣使五饼二鱼倍增,使所有人都能吃饱。当困难威胁着我们,需要超过我们的资源时,我们的反应是什么?我们会首先求助于主吗?我们应该求助于主,因为主的道清楚地告诉我们,祂仍然以怜悯的心对待祂的羊群,并且绰绰有余地供应每一个身体和灵魂的一切需要。- 主啊,感谢你如此丰盛的供应,感谢你恩慈地维持我们的身体和灵魂。求你在每一次需要和缺乏时,教导我们,首先转向你。阿们。

6:45–52 Demonstrating mastery over the winds and waves for a second time, Jesus calms another storm. Even more amazing, however, is the fact that Jesus’ disciples still do not recognize His divine nature. Too often, our eyes are also blind and our hearts are just as hard. It is a good thing, therefore, that He who walked on the water that night also died in Calvary’s darkness to save us from our hard-heartedness. • Lord, save us when we are overcome by life’s storms and our hearts are darkened by unbelief. Calm the tempest, open our eyes, and create within us the faith to recognize You. Amen.

6:45-52 耶稣第二次显示了对风浪的控制权柄,平息了另一场风暴。然而,更令人惊奇的是,耶稣的门徒仍然没有认识到祂的神性。很多时候,我们的眼睛也是瞎的,我们的心也是硬的。因此,当晚在水面上行走的耶稣也死在了髑髅地的黑暗中,将我们从心硬中拯救出来,耶稣的拯救是一件好事。- 主啊,当我们被生活的风暴压倒,心因不信而黑暗时,求你拯救我们。平息暴风雨,开启我们的眼睛,在我们内心创造信心来认识你。阿们。

6:53–56 Not long after Jesus’ disciples failed to recognize an unmistakable display of His divinity, the people of Gennesaret show great faith by receiving Jesus and clamoring for His healing power. Even today, those new to the faith often exhibit more conviction than those who have known Jesus for a long time. It is good news, then, that Jesus remains devoted to us even when our commitment wavers or fails. His resolve to suffer and die for all is ample proof of that. • Lord, give us the zeal of the Gennesaret believers. May we ever press toward You, resolute in our conviction that You can heal and restore us. Amen.

6:53-56 就在耶稣的门徒没有认出祂神性的明确彰显之后不久,革尼撒勒的人接受了耶稣,并渴慕祂医治的大能,表现出了极大的信心。即使在今天,初信的人往往比认识耶稣很久的人展示出更多的信心和确据。好消息是,即使我们的承诺动摇或失败,耶稣仍然致力于拯救我们。祂为所有人受苦受死的决心就是最好的证明。- 主啊,求你赐给我们革尼撒勒信徒的热心。愿我们永远追随你,坚定地相信你能够医治和恢复我们。阿们。