1:1–4 Luke introduces the Gospel as a well-written, researched, and historical record of Jesus’ life and teachings. God’s people need clear, accurate teaching in order to grow in faith and in service. As you study Luke’s account, pray that the Lord would make you a faithful “friend of God” through Jesus, who has accomplished your salvation by His birth, life, death, and resurrection. • “Jesus, priceless treasure, Fount of purest pleasure, Truest friend to me, Ah, how long in anguish Shall my spirit languish, Yearning, Lord, for Thee? Thou art mine, O Lamb divine! I will suffer naught to hide Thee; Naught I ask beside Thee.” Amen. (LSB 743:1)

1:1-4 路加开篇介绍说,福音就是关于耶稣生平和教导的精心撰写下来、经过仔细研究的历史记录。上帝的子民需要清晰、准确的教导,才能在信仰和侍奉中成长。在学习路加福音时,求主通过耶稣使你成为上帝忠实的 “朋友”,求主藉着耶稣的出生、生活、死亡和复活成就你的救赎。- 耶稣,无价之宝,最纯洁的快乐之源,我最真诚的朋友,啊,我的灵魂在痛苦中煎熬了多久,渴望着主,渴望着你?你是我的,神圣的羔羊!除了你,我别无所求”。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 743:1)

1:5–25 Zechariah receives word that the Lord will bless him and Elizabeth with a son who has a special calling. Children are a blessing from God to be treasured and raised according to His good purposes. Pray for the children in your family, and support their nurture in the faith. Give thanks to God the Father, who nurtures us in His Holy Child, Jesus, our deliverer from sin, evil, and doubt. • “Hark! A thrilling voice is sounding! ‘Christ is near,’ we hear it say. ‘Cast away the works of darkness, All you children of the day!’ ” Amen. (LSB 345:1)

1:5-25 撒迦利亚得到消息,主将赐福给他和伊利莎白一个有特殊呼召的儿子。孩子是神赐给我们的祝福,我们要按照神的美意来珍惜和养育他们。为家中的孩子祷告,支持他们在信仰上的成长。感谢天父上帝,是祂用圣婴耶稣­—祂将我们从罪恶、邪恶和怀疑中解救出来—养育我们。“听!一个激动人心的声音正在响起!’基督近了,’我们听到它在说。’你们这些白昼之子,丢弃黑暗的作为吧!'”阿们。 (路德宗崇拜书 345:1)

1:26–38 The angel Gabriel announces Jesus’ birth to Mary, who responds in faith. By announcing the Gospel, the Lord likewise calls us to faith and to bear Christ—not as our child—but as the Holy One of God, our Savior. • “O holy Child of Bethlehem, Descend to us, we pray; Cast out our sin, and enter in, Be born in us today. We hear the Christmas angels The great glad tidings tell; O come to us, abide with us, Our Lord Immanuel!” Amen. (LSB 361:4)

1:26-38 天使加百列向马利亚宣布耶稣的降生,马利亚以信心回应。通过宣布福音,主同样呼唤我们的信心,呼唤我们怀抱基督–不是作为我们的孩子,而是怀抱上帝的至圣者,我们的救主。- 圣洁的伯利恒之子啊,降临到我们中间,我们祈求;除去我们的罪孽,进入我们中间,今天降生在我们里面。我们聆听圣诞天使诉说这伟大的喜讯;啊,降临来寻找我们,与我们同在,我们的主以马内利!” 阿们 (路德宗崇拜书 361:4)

1:39–45 As Mary greets Elizabeth, baby John leaps for joy in Elizabeth’s womb. The work of God’s Spirit is not limited by age, gender, or socio-economic status. He is poured out for all people according to the good and gracious will of God, who blesses motherhood and children and, through them, all humanity, even as He promised Eve (Gn 3:15). Like baby John, leap for joy that salvation comes from the Lord in humble and unexpected ways as the Good News of Jesus is shared. • “Thou Christian heart, Whoe’er thou art, Be of good cheer and let no sorrow move thee! For God’s own Child, In mercy mild, Joins thee to Him; how greatly God must love thee!” Amen. (LSB 372:4)

1:39-45 当马利亚迎接伊丽莎白时,胎儿约翰在伊丽莎白的腹中欢呼雀跃。上帝之灵的工作不受年龄、性别或社会经济地位的限制。圣灵依照上帝的良善洪恩旨意被赐下要浇灌所有人。上帝祝福母亲和孩子,并通过他们祝福全人类,就像祂应许夏娃一样(创 3:15)。像小约翰一样,在分享耶稣的好消息时,发现救赎以谦卑和意想不到的方式从主临到众人,我们要欢欣。- 你这基督徒的心,无论你是谁,都要欢喜,不要忧愁!因为上帝自己的儿子,以温和的慈悲,将你与祂联合;上帝一定非常爱你!” 阿们 (路德宗崇拜书372:4)

1:46–56 The Lord delivers His people amid suffering and disappointment. Today, no matter what troubles assail you, trust in the Lord as your deliverer, and commend all cares to Him in prayer. Rejoice in His surpassing mercy through the Holy Child, who delivers the generations from sin and sorrow. • Pray or sing the Magnificat (vv 46–55; LSB, pp 248–49).

1:46-56 主在苦难和失望中拯救祂的子民。今天,无论你遇到什么麻烦,都要相信主是你的拯救者,在祷告中将一切忧虑交托给祂。主借着圣婴将世世代代的人从罪恶和忧伤中拯救出来,看见这超乎寻常的仁慈,你们要欢喜快乐。- 祷告或唱圣歌(第46-55节;路德宗崇拜书,第248-49页)。

1:57–66 Elizabeth gives birth to John; Zechariah confirms his son’s name. John is truly the Lord’s gift to you as well because he prepared the way for your Savior, Jesus. Do not doubt, but dare to proclaim what the Lord has promised and accomplished for your salvation. His blessings never cease to amaze! • “When all the world was cursed By Moses’ condemnation, Saint John the Baptist came With words of consolation. With true forerunner’s zeal The greater One he named, And Him, as yet unknown, As Savior he proclaimed.” Amen. (LSB 346:1)

1:57-66 伊利莎白生下约翰;撒迦利亚确认了他儿子的名字。约翰确实也是主给你们的礼物,因为他为你们的救主耶稣预备了道路。不要怀疑,要敢于宣告主为你的救赎所应许和成就的事。祂的祝福永远令人惊叹!- 当全世界都被摩西的谴责所诅咒时,圣徒施洗约翰带着安慰的话语到来了。他以真正开路者的热忱命名了更伟大的那一位,他宣扬那尚未为人所知的救世主” 阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 346:1)

1:67–80 The theme of ch 1 is fulfillment. God faithfully keeps His promises by sending one like Elijah to prepare His people, and then by announcing the advent of the Son of God and Savior of all humankind. Nothing is impossible with God! Through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, we are bold to hope for an even more wonderful fulfillment of divine promises, including our glorification. • Blessed are You, O Lord, the God of Israel, for You have visited and redeemed Your people and raised up a horn of salvation for us. You have assured us that our final day of salvation will someday be completed, when Christ returns. Therefore, come, Lord Jesus. Come quickly! Amen.

1:67-80 第1章的主题是应验。上帝忠实地履行祂的诺言,派遣以利亚这样的人来预备祂的子民,然后宣布上帝之子和全人类的救主的降临。在上帝面前,没有什么是不可能的!通过耶稣的生命、死亡和复活,我们敢于盼望神的应许得到更美妙的实现,包括我们的荣耀。- 主啊,以色列的神,你是有福的,因为你曾拜访并救赎了你的子民,为我们兴起了拯救的角。你向我们保证,我们最终的救赎之日终将到来,就是基督再来的日子。因此,来吧,主耶稣。快来吧!阿们。

2:1–7 Joseph and Mary travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem, where Jesus is born in humble circumstances. The birth of a child always comes with great hardship (Gn 3:16). The birth of this Child comes with great blessings for sinners. As you reflect on the wonder of Jesus’ birth, pray also for a humble and pure heart. The mighty Lord will have mercy on you and exalt you by grace alone (Lk 1:49–52). • O Holy Child, grant me sincere humility, even as You exalt me by calling me God’s child. Amen.

2:1-7 约瑟和马利亚从拿撒勒来到伯利恒,耶稣在卑微的环境中诞生。孩子的出生总是伴随着巨大的艰辛(创 3:16)。这个孩子的降生为罪人带来了巨大的祝福。当你思考耶稣降生的奇妙时,也要为一颗谦卑纯洁的心祈祷。大能的主会怜悯你,使你唯独靠着恩典高升(路 1:49-52)。- 圣婴啊,请赐予我真诚的谦卑,就像你称我为上帝的孩子,使我得到高升一样。阿们。

2:8–21 Angels reveal to shepherds the Good News of the Savior’s birth. The shepherds in turn announce the Good News to others. As you celebrate the glory of Christmas, be sure to announce Jesus’ saving work to others also. The Savior is your peace and joy this day and always! • O Holy Child, I treasure the Good News of Your birth for my salvation. Call others to faith through me. Amen.

2:8-21 天使将救主降生的好消息告诉牧羊人。牧羊人转而向其他人宣布了这一好消息。当你庆祝圣诞节的荣耀时,也一定要向他人宣布耶稣的救赎工作。救世主是你今天和永远的平安和喜乐!- 圣婴啊,我珍惜你降生救赎我的好消息。请通过我呼唤他人归信基督。阿们。

2:22–38 As confirmed by prophecy, Jesus is appointed as the Savior. Today, pray that the Lord would grant you the enduring faith of Simeon and Anna, to see the Lord’s salvation and give Him thanks face-to-face in eternity. • Pray the Nunc Dimittis (vv 29–32; LSB, p 165).

2:22-38 正如预言所证实的,耶稣被任命为救主。今天,求主赐给你西缅和亚那那样持久的信心,在永恒中看到主的救赎,并面对面地感谢祂。- 祷告《西面颂》(第29-32节;路德宗崇拜书,第165页)。

2:39–40 Jesus matures as a normal child and also has the blessings of God’s wisdom and favor. Today, pray for the children in your family or neighborhood, that they would grow in the knowledge of their Savior and receive His favor. He who has blessed and kept you in faith will likewise hear and bless them too. • I thank You, Holy Child, that You fulfilled the Law for me. Fill me with the wisdom only You can give. Amen.

2:39-40 耶稣像一个正常的孩子一样长大,同时也拥有神的智慧和眷顾。今天,请为你家中或邻里的孩子们祷告,让他们在对救主的认识中成长,得到祂的眷顾。那在信心中祝福和保守你的主也会同样聆听和祝福他们。- 我感谢你,圣婴,你为我完成了律法。用只有你才能赐予的智慧充满我。阿们。

2:41–52 Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth and childhood repeatedly sets the ordinary beside the miraculous (e.g., a youth from the hinterland stuns the Jerusalem rabbis with His wisdom). Given the mysterious and often apparently ordinary ways God chooses to reveal Himself and His salvation—in the flesh of His Son, in words, in water, in bread and wine—we easily underestimate their power. Thankfully, the very common aspects of God’s gifts mean that they are never far from us. • Lord Jesus, open my eyes to Your life-giving presence. Through Your Word, Sacraments, and Spirit, bless my life, so that things that seem mundane become a foretaste of blessedness in Your eternal presence. Amen.

2:41-52 路加在叙述耶稣的出生和童年时,一再将平凡与奇迹并列(例如,一个来自内陆的年轻人用他的智慧震惊了耶路撒冷的拉比)。因为上帝选择神秘而又往往看似普通的方式来彰显祂自己和祂的救赎—通过祂儿子的肉身、言语、水、面包和酒,所以我们很容易低估它们的大能。值得庆幸的是,上帝的恩赐非常普通的一面,意味着它们从来不会离我们很远。- 主耶稣,请打开我的眼睛,让我看到你赐生命的存在。通过你的话语、圣礼和圣灵,祝福我的生命,让那些看似平凡的事物成为你永恒同在的祝福的预尝。阿们。

†Ch 3 Luke’s account of John’s ministry and Jesus’ ancestry hint at the universal nature of the Messiah’s kingdom. How sad, then, that churches too often show little concern for those outside the immediate boundaries of their fellowship. The Gospel is for everyone! Jesus’ death and resurrection bring life and salvation to all who repent and call on His name. • Lord, open my eyes to the nature of Your kingdom, and so move me to live a life worthy of Your Gospel by reaching out with the Good News that leads to everlasting life. Amen.

第3章 路加关于约翰传道和耶稣祖先的记载暗示了弥赛亚国度的普世性。因此,教会常常对其团契直接范围之外的人很少关心,这是多么可悲啊。福音是传给所有人的!耶稣的死和复活给所有悔改和呼求祂名的人带来了生命和救赎。- 主啊,求你打开我的眼睛,让我看到你国度的属性,从而感动我过一个与你的福音相称的生活,向外传递通往永生的好消息。阿们。

4:1–13 The Holy Spirit leads Jesus and abides with Him through His temptation, affirming that Jesus truly is the Son of God. The blessed Trinity likewise abides with us, that we may withstand Satan’s temptation of our flesh, our pride, and our will. Through Holy Baptism in God’s name, we are truly His beloved children. • “Almighty God, unto You all hearts are open, all desires are known, and from You no secrets are hid. Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of Your Holy Spirit, that we may perfectly love You, and worthily magnify Your holy Name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” (Gregorian Sacramentary, TLWA, p 261)

4:1-13 圣灵引领耶稣,与祂同在,经历试探,证明耶稣真正是上帝的儿子。当称颂的三位一体神同样与我们同在,使我们能够抵御撒旦对我们肉体、骄傲和意志的诱惑。通过接受奉上帝的名所施行的圣洗,我们真正成为了祂的爱子。- 全能的上帝,你知晓万民的心,知道所有人的愿望,对你来说没有秘密可言。求祢藉着圣灵的感动,洁净我们心中的意念,使我们可以完全地爱祢,并藉着我们的主耶稣基督,称颂祢的圣名。阿们”。(格里高利圣事录》,主必回应,第 261 页)

4:14–15 Jesus begins to teach publicly for the first time since He was a child (2:41–52). Reflect on Jesus’ teaching, which relies on the work of the Holy Spirit and cannot be judged by popularity alone. Pray that the Holy Spirit would bless your speech and lead others to the Lord through you. What blessings He bestows through the Gospel! • “May we in faith its message learn Nor thanklessly its blessings spurn; May we in faith its truth confess And praise the Lord, our righteousness.” Amen. (LSB 580:6)

4:14-15 耶稣自孩提时代(2:41-52)以来首次公开讲道。要思考耶稣的教导,因为祂的教导是基于圣灵的工作,不能单凭知名度大小来判断。求圣灵祝福你的宣讲,并通过你带领他人归向主。祂通过福音赐下了何等的祝福啊!- “愿我们凭信心学习它的信息,也不辜负它的祝福;愿我们凭信心承认它的真理,赞美主,主是我们的公义”。阿们 (路德宗崇拜书580:6)

4:16–30 Jesus’ ministry begins with victories over Satan and his minions, but also with an episode in Nazareth that foreshadows His rejection at the hands of His own people. Our lives typically include a similar mixture of successes and rejections. That is why we do well to focus more on the end of the Gospel story, for there we see resurrection, God’s greatest victory over sin and the devil, and the revelation of His grace and mercy for us. • Eternal God, give me grace when I face temptations from the devil and assaults from the unbelieving world. Remind me that You have already overcome these things for me and even now are preparing a place for me in Your eternal presence. Amen.

4:16-30 耶稣战胜了撒旦及其爪牙,并以此开始祂的事工,但在拿撒勒也发生了一件事,预示着祂会被自己的子民所拒绝。我们的生活中通常也会有类似的成功和被拒。这就是为什么我们要更多地关注福音故事的结尾,因为在那里我们看到了复活,看到了上帝战胜罪恶和魔鬼的最大胜利,看到了上帝显明祂对我们的恩典和怜悯。- 永恒的上帝,当我面对魔鬼的诱惑和不信世界的攻击时,请赐给我恩典。提醒我,你已经为我战胜了这些事情,甚至现在还在为我在你永恒的同在中预备地方。阿们。

4:31–37 With authoritative words, Jesus silences and sends away unclean spirits. God’s Word bears authority for your sake, too, pointing out your uncleanness due to sin, yet also promising deliverance from sin and from attacks of the evil one. Revel in Jesus’ teaching and its great blessings for you. • “Thy strong Word bespeaks us righteous; Bright with Thine own holiness, Glorious now, we press toward glory, And our lives our hopes confess.” Amen. (LSB 578:3)

4:31-37 耶稣用权威性的话语使不洁净的灵闭嘴并将它们赶走。上帝的话语在你身上也具有权威性,却是为了你的益处,指出你因罪而来的不洁净,但也应许你从罪和那恶者的攻击中得到解救。你要沉浸在耶稣的教导及其给你带来的巨大祝福中。- “你充满力量的话语宣告我们为义;你的圣洁照亮我们,现在我们向着荣耀迈进,我们的生命见证我们的希望”。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 578:3)

4:38–41 Jesus heals many people by a word and a touch. His works reveal the bond between sin and sickness, which corrupts the world and touches our lives. Pray that Jesus would deliver you from evil and protect you from the effects of sin. Christ can forgive and restore you by His grace. • Restore me, precious Savior, that I may serve You faithfully. Amen.

4:38-41 耶稣用一句话和一个触摸治愈了许多人。祂的作为揭示了罪与疾病之间的联系,罪腐蚀着世界,也影响着我们的生活。求耶稣救你脱离凶恶,保护你免受罪的影响。基督能够以祂的恩典赦免你,使你复原。- 宝贵的救主,求你使我复原,让我可以忠心地侍奉你。阿们。

4:42–44 People chase after Jesus as though they could possess Him and keep Him for themselves. Do we blame them? They had never before witnessed God’s blessings so greatly. Yet, with His blessings, Jesus would also teach us His generous ways, that He belongs not only to us but to all. His kingdom knows no human boundaries. • “Son of God, eternal Savior, Source of life and truth and grace, Word made flesh, whose birth among us Hallows all our human race, You our Head, who, throned in glory, For Your own will ever plead: Fill us with Your love and pity, Heal our wrongs, and help our need.” Amen. (LSB 842:1)

4:42-44 人们追逐耶稣,仿佛他们可以占有祂,将祂据为己有。我们会责怪他们吗?他们从未见过上帝如此丰盛地祝福他们。然而,耶稣在赐福的同时,也教导我们祂慷慨的方式,祂不仅属于我们,也属于所有人。祂的国度不分国界。- 上帝之子,永恒的救赎主,生命、真理和恩典的源泉,道成肉身,祂在我们中间诞生,使我们整个人类成为圣洁,祢是我们的元首,祂在荣耀中宝座,为祢自己的旨意永远恳求: 用你的爱和怜悯充满我们,医治我们的错误,帮助我们的需要”。阿们。(LSB 842:1)

5:1–11 A miraculous catch of fish shows the disciples that Jesus is more than a great teacher—God is working mightily through Him. Like the disciples, the mundane struggle for daily bread, and the sin and doubt it fosters, may make you feel distant from God. But He is ever near and also ever prepared to forgive your sins. • Stay with me, Lord, for I am a sinful person. Grant me repentance and a new life in service to You. Amen.

5:1-11 奇迹般的捕鱼让门徒们看到,耶稣不仅仅是一位伟大的教师,上帝正通过祂大能地做工。就像门徒们一样,为每天的面包而挣扎的世俗生活,以及由此滋生的罪恶和怀疑,可能会让你觉得自己与上帝疏远。但祂永远在你身边,也永远准备好赦免你的罪。- 主啊,请与我同在,因为我是一个有罪的人。请赐予我悔改和为你服务的新生命。阿们。

5:12–16 Jesus cleanses a leper by touching him and sends him to fulfill the Law of Moses. He still touches lives today and has mercy according to His good and gracious will. Bring your requests to Jesus, and trust in His good purposes for you. Even now, your Savior is interceding for you in heaven. • Cleanse me, dearest Jesus, and make Your will known in my life, that I may fulfill Your Word and fill the world with the report of Your goodness. Amen.

5:12-16 耶稣通过触摸洁净了一个长大麻风的人,并派他去履行摩西的律法。今天,祂仍在触摸生命,并按照祂的美意和恩典施展怜悯。向耶稣提出你的请求,相信祂对你的美意。此时此刻,你的救主正在天上为你代求。- 洁净我吧,亲爱的耶稣,让你的旨意在我的生命中显明,使我能遵行你的话语,让你的美德满世界传扬。阿们。

5:17–26 Jesus asserts His authority to forgive sins by healing a paralyzed man. Though Jesus could easily say, “Your sins are forgiven you,” the price of that forgiveness cost Him His life. He bore the cross and your sins willingly, and He will also bear with you in all infirmities. • Grant me firm faith, O Lord, that I may walk in Your ways. Amen.

5:17-26 耶稣治好了一个瘫痪的人,以此表明祂赦罪的权柄。虽然耶稣可以轻松地说:”你的罪赦了”,但这一宽恕的代价是祂的生命。祂心甘情愿地背负十字架和你的罪,祂也将与你一同承担一切软弱。- 主啊,求你赐予我坚定的信心,使我能行走在你的道路上。阿们。

5:27–32 Jesus teaches the people that He came to save sinners by leading them to repentance. No matter what your past, whether you are a notorious sinner or smugly self-righteous, Jesus calls you to a life of daily repentance. As the great physician, He can forgive all manner of sins. • Jesus, I would follow You. Lead me by repentance and faith to leave behind my old life. Amen.

5:27-32 耶稣教导人们,祂来拯救罪人,引导他们悔改。无论你的过去如何,无论你是臭名昭著的罪人,还是自以为是的自以为是者,耶稣都呼召你过每天悔改的生活。作为伟大的医生,他能赦免一切罪孽。- 耶稣,我愿意跟随你。请用悔改和信心引导我抛弃过去的生活。阿们。

5:33–39 Jesus fulfills God’s promise to make all things new: He makes fishermen and a tax collector into disciples, He makes a leper and a paralytic whole, and He forgives sins. Unfortunately, some resist such changes, not only in Jesus’ day but also in our lives. That is why He calls us to embrace the Gospel wholly. Jesus’ astounding promise is this: whatever we leave behind for the sake of the kingdom of God will be replaced with much more in this age and with eternal life in the age to come (18:30). • Lord Jesus, give me grace to follow wherever You lead. By Your Spirit, strengthen me to live as Your disciple, reaching out to others in need of Your life-changing love and forgiveness. Amen.

5:33-39 耶稣实现了上帝让万物焕然一新的应许:祂使渔夫和税吏成为门徒,祂使麻风病人和瘫痪病人痊愈,祂赦免罪。遗憾的是,不仅在耶稣的时代,而且在我们的生活中,都有人抵制这种改变。这就是为什么祂呼唤我们完全接受福音。耶稣的应许令人震惊:我们为天国的缘故所留下的一切,在这个时代都会被更多的东西所代替,在来世也会被永生所代替(18:30)。- 主耶稣,请赐我恩典,让我跟随你的脚步。藉着你的灵,坚固我作为你门徒生活的能力,向那些仍未得到你改变生命的爱和宽恕的人伸出援手。阿们。