6:1–5 Jesus reapplies the Third Commandment to reveal the blessings of the Sabbath. When we consider laws and their application, God would have us see not simply how laws restrict but also who and what they protect. All God’s Word is written for our benefit, that we may enjoy the inherited blessings of His mercy. • “ ‘You shall observe the worship day That peace may fill your home, and pray, And put aside the work you do, So that God may work in you.’ Have mercy, Lord!” Amen. (LSB 581:4)

6:1-5 耶稣重新应用第三条诫命来揭示安息日的祝福。当我们考虑律法及其应用时,上帝希望我们看到的不仅仅是律法如何限制人,还有律法保护的人和事物。上帝所有的话语都是为了我们的利益而写的,使我们可以享受他的怜悯所带来的祝福。- “‘你们要守礼拜日,使平安充满你们的家,并要祷告,放下你们所做的事,好叫神在你们心里运行。求主怜悯!” 阿们。(LSB 581:4)

6:6–11 Jesus, despite facing severe criticism, has mercy on the man with a withered hand. As God grants you opportunity to show mercy, act with care and confidence. Goodness and life are God’s great blessings for you and for all in Jesus. • “As You, Lord, have lived for others, So may we for others live. Freely have Your gifts been granted; Freely may Your servants give.” Amen. (LSB 842:2)

6:6-11 耶稣面对严厉的批评,仍然怜悯了那个手枯干的人。当上帝给你机会施怜悯时,请谨慎行事,充满信心。良善和生命是上帝给你和耶稣给所有人的巨大祝福。- 主啊,你为他人而活,我们也当为他人而活。您的恩赐是白白赐予的,您的仆人也可以白白奉献。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 842:2)

6:12–16 Jesus chooses 12 men as His apostles, an office specifically appointed by Jesus for the early years of the Church. Today, Jesus continues to call people for various roles of service in the Church, depending on God’s order, our gifts, and the Church’s needs. There are no self-appointed offices in God’s Church. He calls people and extends His care by His gracious and good will. • “Make them apostles, heralds of Your cross; Forth let them go to tell the world of grace. Inspired by You, may they count all but loss And stand at last with joy before Your face.” Amen. (LSB 682:5)

6:12-16 耶稣拣选了十二个人作祂的使徒,这是耶稣为教会早期特别指定的一个职份。今天,耶稣继续根据神的命令、我们的恩赐和教会的需要,呼召人们在教会中担任不同的侍奉角色。在上帝的教会中没有自封的职位。祂以祂的美善恩赐旨意呼召人,并藉着他们延伸祂的眷顾。- 让他们成为使徒,成为你十字架的传道者;让他们去告诉世人你的恩典。愿他们在你的激励下,将万事当作有损的,最终在你面前喜乐站立”。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 682:5)

6:17–19 Jesus preaches and ministers to the crowds. Jesus continues to touch our lives today through the ongoing ministry of His life-giving Word. • “Lord, Your words are waters living When my thirsting spirit pleads. Lord, Your words are bread life-giving; On Your words my spirit feeds. Lord, Your words will be my light Through death’s cold and dreary night; Yes, they are my sword prevailing And my cup of joy unfailing!” Amen. (LSB 589:3)

6:17-19 耶稣向众人传道和服侍。今天,耶稣继续通过祂赐予生命的话语来触动我们的生命。- 主啊,你的话语是活水,满足我干渴的灵的恳求。主啊,你的话是生命的粮,我的灵以你的话为食。主啊,你的话语是我的光,带领我穿越死亡的寒夜;是的,你的话语是我的利剑,是我永不停息的喜乐之杯!” 阿们 (路德宗崇拜书 589:3)

6:20–23 Jesus blesses the crowds and describes their estates in this life and the life to come. Even amid sorrows, God’s blessings prevail. • Set my heart, dear Savior, on Your blessings and promises, that I remain steadfast in all circumstances. Amen.

6:20-23 耶稣祝福众人,将他们今生和来世的财产描绘出来。即使在忧伤中,上帝的祝福也会夸胜。- 亲爱的救世主啊,请将我的心放在你的祝福和应许上,让我在任何情况下都保持坚定。阿们。

6:24–26 Jesus condemns those who live for today, neglecting the ways of God and the care of His people. When pride and self-interest allure you, turn to the Lord in repentance. Daily He provides for all your needs and forgives you by grace. • Hear my daily confession of sins, O Savior, and set my heart on things above. Amen.

6:24-26 耶稣谴责那些为今天而活,忽视上帝的道路和对祂子民关怀的人。当骄傲和私欲诱惑你时,要悔改归向主。他每天都会满足你的一切需要,并以恩典宽恕你。- 救赎主啊,求你垂听我每日的认罪,让我的心专注于天上的事。阿们。

6:27–36 Jesus overthrows the common ethics of human culture to emphasize the Father’s ways of love and mercy. God calls you to have self-sacrificing love. Pray for wisdom and patience with yourself as you put God’s ways into practice. The Father of all mercy will hear your plea. He is ever ready to forgive and strengthen you. • Lord, lead me to love the ungrateful and the evil, even as You have loved and cared for me. Amen.

6:27-36 耶稣颠覆了人类文化中的普遍伦理,而是强调天父的爱和怜悯之道。上帝呼召你拥有自我牺牲的爱。在你实践上帝之道的过程中,要为自己祈求智慧和忍耐。仁慈的天父必会聆听你的恳求。祂时刻准备着要赦免和坚固你。- 主啊,求你引导我去爱那些忘恩负义的人和恶人,就像你爱护我一样。阿们。

6:37–42 Jesus teaches the disciples to judge mercifully and lead faithfully. We can never outgrow our good teacher, who by grace judged and declared us not guilty while we were yet dead in our sins. His grace in our lives—measured, pressed, and shaken—always runs over. • Grant me a forgiving heart, merciful Judge, even as You have forgiven me. Amen.

6:37-42 耶稣教导门徒要仁慈地审判,忠心地领导。我们永远不能超越我们的好老师,当我们还死在罪中时,祂就靠着恩典审判我们,宣告我们无罪。祂在我们生命中的恩典–连摇带按,上尖下流–总是源源不断。- 仁慈的审判者,请赐予我一颗饶恕的心,就像你饶恕了我一样。阿们。

6:43–45 A person’s words and deeds—not appearances—are the true marks of one’s character. In repentance and through the Gospel, the Lord grants you a pure heart, set free from sin by God’s grace. • Create in me a clean heart, O God, that I might bear the fruit of faith. Amen.

6:43-45 一个人的言行–而非外表–是其品格的真正标志。在悔改中,通过福音,主会赐给你一颗纯洁的心,因着神的恩典而脱离罪恶。- 神啊,求你在我里面造一颗清洁的心,使我结出信心的果子。阿们。

6:46–49 Jesus authoritatively teaches about the ethic of God’s kingdom. Unfortunately, His teachings are so radically demanding and countercultural that even the most dedicated believers fail to live up to them. It is good news indeed, then, that Jesus does not merely command long-suffering, forgiveness, and love of enemies. He Himself puts them into practice, lovingly bearing with us and forgiving us! • Lord Jesus, lead me to know the blessings of a life that reflects Your divine qualities of compassion, forbearance, and forgiveness. Amen.

6:46-49 耶稣权威性地教导了上帝国度的伦理。遗憾的是,祂的教导所要求的极高,而且不跟随文化潮流,即使是最虔诚的信徒也无法完全做到。但好消息是,耶稣不仅仅命令人们要长期忍耐、宽恕和爱仇敌,祂还亲自将其付诸实践,并且以爱担待我们,赦免我们!- 主耶稣,请引领我认识到,一个能体现你的怜悯、宽容和饶恕等神圣品质的生命所带来的祝福。阿们。