13:1–5 Jesus points out tragedies as occasions for self-examination and reflection on our sinful frailty. Contrary to popular thought, tragedy does not always strike people because they somehow deserve it. Rather, in His wisdom God allows and uses even tragic events to warn of judgment, that He might bring us to repentance and eternal life through faith in Jesus. • Lord, increase my faith in what You have given me to know. Grant me humility before those mysteries that surpass my understanding. Amen.

13:1-5 耶稣指出,悲剧是我们自我审视和反思罪恶软弱的机会。与人们普遍的想法相反,悲剧的发生并不总是因为人们罪有应得。相反,上帝以祂的智慧允许并使用甚至是悲剧性的事件来发出审判的警告,使我们能够悔改并且藉着对耶稣的信靠而获得永生。- 主啊,请增强我对你赐予我的知识的信心。在那些超越我理解力的奥秘面前,赐予我谦卑。阿们。

13:6–9 Jesus warns that His audience needs to begin producing works consistent with the Gospel. Today, many fail to live their lives according to God’s will. The One who commands us to such works also bestows His Spirit. He enables us to repent and to produce the fruit that flow from His salvation. • Lord, show me the shortness of my time and the nearness of eternity, so I do not fail to redeem the time. Amen.

13:6-9 耶稣警告说,祂的听众需要开始做出与福音相符的行为。今天,许多人未能按照上帝的旨意生活。命令我们做这些事的神也赐给了我们祂的灵。祂使我们能够悔改,结出从祂的救赎而来的果子。- 主啊,请让我看到时间的短暂和永恒的临近,这样我就不会辜负时间。阿们。

13:10–17 Though Jesus’ critics saw His miracle as a clear violation of the Sabbath, Jesus’ work, in fact, fulfilled the Sabbath Day’s purpose: to provide blessing for God’s people. He still calls us to keep the Sabbath by gladly receiving God’s Word, which delivers to us the blessings of Jesus’ victory over sin and death. How great a privilege to enter His presence in worship. • “Open now thy gates of beauty; Zion, let me enter there, Where my soul in joyful duty Waits for Him who answers prayer. Oh, how blessed is this place, Filled with solace, light, and grace!” Amen. (LSB 901:1)

13:10-17 虽然批评耶稣的人认为祂的神迹明显违反了安息日,但事实上,耶稣的工作实现了安息日的目的:为上帝的子民带来祝福。祂仍然呼吁我们通过欣然接受上帝的话语来遵守安息日,上帝的话语向我们传递了耶稣战胜罪和死亡所带来的祝福。在敬拜中进入神的同在是多么大的特权。- 现在打开你美丽的门;锡安,让我进入那里,在那里,我的灵魂在喜乐的责任中等待那回应祷告的神。哦,这地方多么有福,充满了慰藉、光明和恩典!” 阿们 (路德宗崇拜书901:1)

13:18–21 Though the kingdom of God has humble beginnings, it grows to embrace all creation. Like Jesus’ first hearers, we, too, tend to wish for a more powerful kingdom and more rapid growth. But this kingdom is God’s, not ours. He extends His realm in His way with His timing. • Lord, give us wholeheartedly to the task of extending Your reign, even though we may never see the growth that we would like. Keep us focused instead on the final consummation. Amen.

13:18-21 虽然神的国度起初是卑微的,但它会发展壮大,拥抱一切受造物。就像耶稣的第一批听众一样,我们也希望有一个更强大的国度和更快的发展。但这个王国是上帝的,不是我们的。祂以祂的方式和时机扩展祂的国度。- 主啊,请让我们全心全意地完成扩展你的国度的任务,即使我们可能永远也看不到我们所希望的增长。让我们专注于最终的圆满。阿们。

13:22–30 People can enter God’s kingdom only through Jesus Christ. Moreover, the time for every human being—and indeed the world—is quickly slipping away, and soon the door will slam shut. Accordingly, the Lord beseeches one and all to come into the great wedding banquet of His Son, without cost and without delay. • “Today Your gate is open, And all who enter in Shall find a Father’s welcome And pardon for their sin. The past shall be forgotten, A present joy be giv’n, A future grace be promised, A glorious crown in heav’n.” Amen. (LSB 915:2)

13:22-30 只有通过耶稣基督,人们才能进入上帝的国度。此外,每个人乃至整个世界的时间都在悄然流逝,很快大门就会关上。因此,主恳求所有人不惜代价、毫不迟疑地参加祂儿子的盛大婚宴。- “今天,你的大门敞开,所有进来的人都会受到天父的欢迎,他们的罪也会得到赦免。”过去将被遗忘,现在的喜悦将被赐予” “未来的恩典将被许诺” “荣耀的冠冕将在天堂” 阿们 (路德宗崇拜书 915:2)

13:31–35 Jesus repeats His determination to press toward Jerusalem and God’s will for Him there. Unfortunately, the impenitence mentioned in this passage continues today, keeping people out of God’s kingdom. That makes the imagery of this episode all the more poignant, for the Lord still reaches out to His wayward children, earnestly seeking to gather them under His protective wing. • “Delay not, delay not! Why longer abuse The love and compassion of Jesus, your God? A fountain is opened; how can you refuse To wash and be cleansed in His pardoning blood?” Amen. (LW 349:5)

13:31-35 耶稣重申了祂向耶路撒冷进发的决心,以及上帝在那里对祂的旨意。不幸的是,这段经文中提到的不悔改行为今天仍在继续,使人们远离上帝的国度。这使得这段经文的意象更加凄美,因为主仍在向祂迷途的儿女伸出援手,恳切地寻求将他们聚集在祂的保护翼下。- 不要耽搁,不要耽搁!你们的上帝耶稣的慈爱和怜悯为何还要滥用?泉源已开,你们怎能拒绝在祂赦罪的宝血中洗濯洁净?阿们 (路 349:5)