1:4–9 Paul highlights the strengths of the congregation, strengths God extends to all believers by His grace. We rejoice in our relationship to God: He has called us and sanctified us, and He will sustain us. • We hear Your call, heavenly Father, in the Gospel of Your Son. Keep us to the end. Amen.

1:4-9 保罗强调了会众的长处,这是神赐给所有信徒的恩典。我们因与神的关系而喜乐: 他呼召我们,使我们成圣,他将扶持我们。天父,我们在你儿子的福音中听到了你的呼召。请保守我们到底。阿们。

1:10–17 Divisions in the Church are a denial of the one Baptism into Christ, who was crucified for all. His faithful servants preach the Gospel and are not to become objects of unhealthy devotion. The triune God alone is the object of our faith and hope. • Grant us such faithful ministers, dear Lord, who baptize and preach in Your name and authority. Amen.

1:10-17 教会中的分裂是对唯一圣洗归入基督的否认,基督为所有人被钉死在十字架上。他忠实的仆人们只是传扬福音,却不应成为盲目追随效忠的对象。唯有三位一体的上帝才是我们信仰和盼望的对象。亲爱的主啊,请赐予我们这样忠心的牧师,奉你的名和权柄施洗传道。阿们。

1:18–31 We should avoid pride and boasting about anything we do for God or for others. We bring nothing but sin into our relationship with God but receive all good things from Him. • Heavenly Father, give Your people grace to recognize that all praise belongs to You alone. Amen.

1:18-31 我们应避免因自己为上帝或他人所做的任何事情而骄傲和自夸。在我们与神的关系中,我们只带来罪,却从神那里接受一切美好的事物。天父,请赐给你子民恩典,让他们认识到所有的赞美都只属于你。阿们。

2:1–5 The Good News is conveyed not through eloquence, but through humble messengers testifying about the cross. We look there for God’s power and rest in His wisdom. • Dear Lord, thank You for revealing Yourself to me by Your cross. Receive this weak sinner and strengthen me for service. Amen.

2:1-5 福音的传递不是通过口才雄辩,而是通过谦卑的使者见证十字架。我们在那里寻找上帝的大能,在他的智慧中安息。亲爱的主,感谢你通过十字架向我显明你自己。求你接纳我这个软弱的罪人,坚固我继续侍奉。阿们。

2:6–16 The message of the cross is simple, but the spiritual wisdom that comes with it touches every area of life and faith. In view of this, we see unbelievers with new compassion, as people with no true spiritual comprehension. The Holy Spirit grants such understanding only through the Gospel. • Enlighten us with spiritual insight, Holy Spirit. Strengthen us to share Your Word. Amen.

2:6-16 十字架的信息很简单,但随之而来的属灵智慧却涉及生活和信仰的方方面面。有鉴于此,我们要以新的怜悯之心看待不信的人,因为他们没有真正的属灵理解力。只有通过福音,圣灵才能赐予这种理解。圣灵啊,用属灵的洞察力启迪我们。坚固我们继续分享你话语。阿们。

Ch 3 There is no ground for pride in human achievement in Christ’s Church. Such an attitude undermines the very nature of His gifts of salvation and service. God accomplishes everything, living in us by His Spirit. • “O Holy Spirit, enter in, and in our hearts Your work begin, Your dwelling place now make us.” Amen. (LSB 913:1)

3 在基督的教会中,没有理由为人类的成就而骄傲。这种态度有损于上帝救赎和服务恩赐的本质。上帝借着他的圣灵住在我们里面,成就了一切。圣灵啊,请你进入,在我们心中开始你的工作,现在使我们成为你的居所。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 913:1)

Ch 4 People despise God’s messenger because the Spirit’s power is concealed in lowly, suffering leaders like Paul. The crowd always yearns for flashy leadership and despises those who teach the basics and lead by example. God sends us spiritual fathers to nurture us, entrusting to them both the Law and the Gospel for our spiritual good. • “Oh, may Thy people faithful be And in Thy pastors honor Thee And with them work and for them pray And gladly Thee in them obey.” Amen. (TLH 493:3)

4 人们轻视上帝的使者,因为圣灵的能力隐藏在像保罗这样卑微、受苦的领袖身上。人群总是渴望华而不实的领袖,而轻视那些教导基本道理并以身作则的人。上帝派给我们属灵上的父亲来喂养我们,为了我们属灵上的益处,将律法和福音都托付给他们。– “哦,愿你的子民忠于你,在你呼召的牧师身上尊崇你,与他们同工,为他们祷告,在他们里面欣然顺服你。阿们。(路德宗诗歌本 493:3)

Ch 5 Sins such as sexual immorality are out of place among the people of God. Christ, our Passover Lamb, has taken our sins upon Himself. Through repentance and absolution, He renews us as His undefiled creation. • Forgive our waywardness and make our hearts pure, dear Maker and Redeemer. Lead us to call one another to repentance so our congregations enjoy true peaceful fellowship at Your Holy Supper. Amen.

5 在上帝的子民中间,不道德的性行为等罪是禁止的。基督,我们逾越节的羔羊,已将我们的罪孽揽在自己身上。通过悔改和赦免,他将我们更新为他未受玷污的受造物。亲爱的造物主和救赎主,请宽恕我们的过失,使我们的心灵纯洁。引领我们彼此悔改,让我们的会众在你的圣餐中享受真正和平的团契。阿们。

6:1–11 When the old sinful nature rises to cause grievances between Christians, it also tempts us to seek satisfaction through secular processes. God calls churches to settle grievances through Law and Gospel before matters get out of hand. He has already judged us “not guilty” in view of Jesus’ sacrifice, and He has washed us pure in Holy Baptism. • Spare us, Lord, from the temptation to resort to the ways of the world. Purify us, Holy Spirit, through the daily washing of repentance. Seat us, O God, in Your kingdom as people with true discernment. Amen.

6:1-11 当旧的罪性占据上风,引起基督徒之间的不满时,它也会引诱我们通过世俗的方式来寻求解决。神呼召教会在事情失控之前通过律法和福音来解决不满。鉴于耶稣的牺牲,他已经判定我们无罪,并在圣洗中洗净了我们。主啊,请饶恕我们,让我们远离世俗的诱惑,不去诉诸于世界的处理方式。圣灵啊,通过每日悔改的洗礼净化我们。上帝啊,让我们在你的国度里成为有真正洞察力的人。阿们。

6:12–20 Because Christ has united us with Him and with one another, immorality has no place among us. Freedom to live in Christ excludes living in opposition to Him. When we fall into sin, we can repent of the disunity we have brought. Jesus Christ will restore and renew us as His very own. • Father, be glorified in our freedom, which You grant us in Jesus. Amen.

6:12-20 因为基督使我们与他和彼此联合,所以不道德的风气不应该在我们中间。活在基督里的自由绝不是包容悖逆他的生活。当我们陷入罪中时,我们可以为自己带来的不合一而悔改。耶稣基督会将我们恢复并更新为他自己的人。父啊,求你在我们的自由中得荣耀,这是你在耶稣里赐给我们的。阿们。

7:1–16 Marriage brings obligations, but being in Christ forms a new being. Treasure marriage because of the blessings God provides through it. In marriage, Christians can encourage one another, non-Christians may be drawn to belief, and children can be brought up in the faith. • God, I thank You for this most precious vestige of the perfection You gave our first parents. Preserve me faithfully according to Your love and Your gifts. Amen.

7:1-16 婚姻会带来义务,但在基督里会形成新的生命。珍惜婚姻,因为神通过婚姻赐予我们祝福。在婚姻中,基督徒可以相互鼓励,非基督徒可能会被信仰所吸引,孩子们也可以在信仰中成长。神啊,你赐给我们始祖这一最珍贵的完美礼物并且也为我们存留,为此我感谢赞美你。请按照你的爱和你的恩赐忠实地保护我。阿们。

7:17–24 The Lord transforms believers from our previous existence and makes us members of His household. We now live out the new life in the station to which God has appointed us. • With Your help, everlasting God, may we live our eternal life already in this passing world. Amen.

7:17-24 主救拔了信徒脱离曾经的生存状态,更新了我们,使我们成为他家中的一员。现在,我们在上帝指定的岗位上过着新的生活。永生的上帝,在你的帮助下,愿我们在这悄然逝去的世界中过你已经赐给我们的永生生活。阿们。

7:25–40 Paul outlines two blessed estates, that of marriage and that of celibacy. We are often aware of the blessings of marriage, God’s unique gift that survived humanity’s fall into sin. Yet there are also responsibilities with marriage, and it is particularly important for the Christian to consider these when sitting down to “count the cost” of discipleship (Lk 14:28). In the Lord and by His grace, each person is fitted to one or to the other. • Lord, help me understand my gifts and calling in accordance with Your Word and mission. O Christ, deliver me from all shame. Amen.

7:25-40 保罗概述了两种受祝福的生活呼召:婚姻和独身。我们常常意识到婚姻的祝福,它是上帝赐予人类的独一无二的礼物,在人类堕入罪恶之后依然存在。然而,婚姻也有责任,基督徒在坐下来计算做门徒的代价(路 14:28)时,尤其要考虑这些责任。在主里面,因着他的恩典,每个人都有自己合适的呼召,无论是结婚还是单身。主啊,求你帮助我按照你的话语和使命明白自己的恩赐和呼召。哦基督,救我脱离一切羞耻。阿们。

Ch 8 The rights and the freedom of the Gospel are wrongly promoted in the Corinthian Church, leading the believers to adopt too easily the behaviors and practices of the surrounding culture. No believer has the right or freedom to destroy the faith of others, especially those whom Paul describes as weak in the faith. Faith is not a private matter. Faithful Christians will be zealous to pray for and carry out God’s will that all be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth (1Tm 2:3–4). How marvelously our Savior bears with our weaknesses! Most important, He took away our sin and builds us up in love. • From selfishly seeking our own rights at the expense of others, deliver us, O Lord. From unwittingly leading Your chosen saints into sin, deliver us, O Lord. Stir us up to worship and honor You alone, and through Your Spirit use us to turn others to You. Amen.

8 福音的权利和自由在哥林多教会中被错误地推广,导致信徒过于轻易地采用周围文化的行为和做法。任何信徒都没有权利或自由去破坏他人的信仰,尤其是那些被保罗称为信仰软弱的人。信仰不是私事。虔诚的基督徒会热心地为着上帝的旨意成就祷告,并将其付诸实践,上帝的旨意就是要所有人都能得救,认识真理(提前 23-4)。我们的救主是多么奇妙地包容了我们的软弱!最重要的是,他除去了我们的罪,在爱中建立了我们。主啊,求你拯救我们,使我们不再自私地追求自己的权利而牺牲他人的利益。主啊,救我们脱离不知不觉地将你所拣选的圣徒带入罪中。激励我们唯独敬拜和尊崇你,并通过你的灵使用我们使他人归向你。阿们。

Ch 9 As founder of the Corinthian Church, and as an apostle, Paul is perceived to have more “rights” than anyone else. Yet he consistently sets an example for the Corinthians, encouraging them to put off their own rights in order to serve one another. This is taught and modeled by Jesus Himself (Mk 10:45). His death and resurrection transform our lives so that we do not seek our own good but the good of others (Php 2:1–11). • Praise God, who Himself became human like us in order to save us! Strengthen us, O Lord, to serve others in all things, so that all people might come to know the power of Your death and resurrection. Amen.

9 作为哥林多教会的创始人和使徒,保罗被认为比其他人拥有更多的权利。但他始终为哥林多信徒树立榜样,鼓励他们放下自己的权利,彼此服侍。这是耶稣亲自教导和树立的榜样(可 1045)。他的死和复活改变了我们的生命,使我们不求自己的益处,只求他人的益处(腓2:1-11)。赞美上帝,他为了拯救我们,亲自成为像我们这样的人!主啊,求你坚固我们,使我们凡事为他人服务,让所有人都能认识你死而复活的大能。阿们。

10:1–22 “Flee from idolatry” (v 14) summarizes this section. Even Israel, who had seen God’s mighty works throughout the exodus, acted as if God were not real, as if they could rely on gods of their own creation or even themselves to keep them safe. In our age, there are many gods. Some are worshiped as such (e.g., Islam, Hinduism); others subtly become gods (e.g., money, pride). Luth: “A god means that from which we are to expect all good and in which we are to take refuge in all distress” (LC I 2). Our society has many such gods, be they wealth, status, reputation, even family. But the one true God does not tolerate shared allegiance. If we participated in the worship of false gods or in churches that do not faithfully confess the Gospel in all its purity, this would indicate that we assent to what that worshiping community believes. For this reason, we avoid such false worship. At the Lord’s Table, He offers His body and blood for the forgiveness of sins and through them creates a faithful community, one committed to Him and to one another. He comes to His people in His Word and in the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, which forgives sins and creates a Church faithful to Him. • From being led astray by the many gods of this world, protect us by Your Spirit, Lord. Thank You for the gift of Your Son, who comes to us in His body and blood, and for the gift of the congregation in which I hear Your Word proclaimed faithfully and where I receive this life-giving Sacrament. Strengthen me to build up my fellow participants in worship of You. Amen.

10:1-22 “逃避拜偶像的事(第14节)是本节的总结。在整个出埃及的过程中,以色列人目睹了上帝的大能作为,但他们的行为却好像上帝并不存在,好像他们可以依靠自己创造的神,甚至自己来保护他们的安全。在我们这个时代,有许多神。有些神被当作神来崇拜(如伊斯兰教、印度教);有些神则巧妙地成为神(如金钱、自尊心)。路德说:神是指我们期望从中得到一切美好事物,并在一切苦难中寻求庇护的对象(路德大问答第一部分2)。我们的社会有许多这样的神,无论是财富、地位、名誉,甚至家庭。但独一的真神不会容忍我们稀释对他的委身和效忠。如果我们参与对假神的敬拜,或者参加那些不以纯正道理忠实地宣扬福音的教会,这就表明我们认同了那个敬拜群体的信仰。因此,我们要避免这种虚假的敬拜。在主的餐桌上,他供应给我们他的身体和宝血来赦罪,并藉此创造了一个忠实的信仰社区,一个对他和彼此委身的团体。他在他的话语和主圣餐的服侍中来到他的子民身边,赦免罪孽,建立一个忠于他的教会。主啊,请用你的圣灵保护我们,使我们不被世界的众神所迷惑。感谢你的恩赐,就是你的儿子以他的身体和宝血来到我们身边;感谢你的恩赐,就是教会,因为我在聚会中聆听你忠实地宣讲圣道,领受这赐人生命的圣餐。求你坚固我,帮助我的同伴们在敬拜你的过程中一起成长。阿们。

10:23–11:1 In Western culture, Christians rarely have to deal with food sacrificed to other gods, though Christians in Asia and Africa must deal with these issues directly. In either case, Paul’s instructions show that our actions communicate something about who we are to those around us. While called to be faithful to God, we are also called to build up both our fellow Christians and, ultimately, to lead all whom we meet to Christ. Our actions tell others about who we are in Christ, giving us an opportunity to witness to His love in all aspects of our lives. Christians are not forbidden from interacting with those who do not know Christ—far from it. By our actions and words among them we can testify to the one God and what His Son, Jesus Christ, has done for us. • Forgive my halting and hesitant witness, Lord. Guide me in every situation to “seek to save” others. Amen.

10:23-11:1 在西方文化中,基督徒很少需要处理因着其祭拜偶像假神而带来的食物问题,尽管亚洲和非洲的基督徒必须直接处理这些问题。无论在哪种情况下,保罗的指示都表明,我们的行为会向周围的人传达一些关于我们是谁的信息。在被呼召忠于上帝的同时,我们也被呼召造就我们的基督徒同胞,并最终带领我们遇到的所有人归向基督。我们的行为告诉他人我们在基督里的身份,让我们有机会在生活的各个方面见证他的爱。基督徒并没有被禁止与那些不认识基督的人交往远非如此。通过我们在他们中间的言行,我们可以见证独一的上帝和他的儿子耶稣基督为我们所做的一切。主啊,请原谅我踌躇不前的见证。引导我在任何情况下都 寻求让他们拯救的益处。阿们。