Two-year Bible Thorough Reading: The Lutheran Study Bible, Law&Gospel Note




1:1–7 Paul affirms three callings from God: he is called to be an apostle, the Romans are called to belong to Christ, and they are called to be saints. We sinners are prone to think that we control every aspect of our lives, and we tend to live only for ourselves. Knowing the futility of this, Christ Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross that we might be redeemed. He calls us out of sin and death and into life. Praise God! We are called to belong to Him and to love and serve others. • Lord Jesus, thank You for making me Your own and for all of Your gifts. Amen.

1:1-7 保罗肯定了神的三个呼召:他蒙召作使徒,罗马人蒙召归属基督,他们蒙召作圣徒。我们罪人容易认为自己掌控着生活的方方面面,我们往往只为自己而活。基督耶稣知道这样做是徒劳无益的,所以他在十字架上牺牲了自己,使我们得到救赎。他呼召我们脱离罪恶和死亡,进入生命。赞美上帝!我们被呼召属于他,去爱和服务他人。主耶稣,感谢你让我成为属你的人,感谢你所有的恩赐。阿们。

1:8–15 Paul was sent to the Greeks and barbarians, to the wise and foolish. Today, we may be tempted to keep the Gospel to ourselves or limit it to people who are like us. However, Jesus did not limit His work. He redeemed the whole world—even barbarians and fools like us. He commissions us to reach out to all people. • Triune God, strengthen me to be Your witness to all people. Amen.

1:8-15 保罗被派往希腊人和野蛮人那里,聪明人和愚昧人那里。今天,我们可能会受到诱惑,把福音留给自己,或只传给和我们一样的人。然而,耶稣并没有限制他的工作。他救赎了整个世界即使是像我们这样的野蛮人和愚昧人。他委托我们向所有人传福音。三位一体的上帝,求你加给我力量,让我成为你对所有人的见证。阿们。

1:16–17 Many of us have, at times, been embarrassed about our faith or have hidden our Christian identity. We have yielded to the world’s pressures and may have been ashamed of our Savior, but He is not ashamed of us. He bore our sin, guilt, and shame on the cross and gives us His life and forgiveness. Receiving those gifts by faith, and empowered by the Spirit, we are no longer ashamed of the Gospel. We know it is God’s power “for salvation to everyone who believes.” • Jesus, thank You for redeeming me and giving me Your righteousness. In faith, I will boldly proclaim Your name. Amen.

1:16-17 我们中的许多人有时会为自己的信仰感到尴尬,或隐藏自己的基督徒身份。我们屈服于世俗的压力,可能以救主为耻,但他并不以我们为耻。他在十字架上担当了我们的罪、愧疚和羞耻,并赐给我们他的生命和宽恕。我们要凭着信心接受这些恩赐,并得到圣灵的力量,我们不再以福音为耻。我们知道这是神的大能,叫一切相信的人得救耶稣,感谢你救赎我,将你的公义赐给我。凭着信心,我将勇敢地宣扬你的名。阿们。

1:18–32 We love to condemn the sins of others. We might not have committed some of the acts Paul condemns here, but we all have sinned. We have exchanged God’s truth for human foolishness. Seeing sin, we ought not respond defensively but in confession. We know God’s response to sin: He sent His Son to die for sinners. • Lord have mercy on me, a sinner. Grant me sincere confession and compassion for other sinners. Amen.

1:18-32 我们喜欢谴责别人的罪。我们可能没有犯下保罗在此谴责的某些行为,但我们都犯了罪。我们用上帝的真理换取了人类的愚昧。看清自己的罪,我们不应该做出自我狡辩的反应,而应该忏悔。我们知道上帝对罪的回应: 他派他的儿子为罪人而死。主啊,请怜悯我这个罪人。赐予我真诚的忏悔和对其他罪人的怜悯。阿们。

2:1–11 When we pass judgment on another, we condemn ourselves (v 1). It is easy to recognize and condemn sin in others while overlooking our own sin. Paul’s teachings are clear: all have sinned. Without God’s patience and forbearance, we would all be condemned. • O God, thank You that our Savior, Jesus, has redeemed us! Send us forth today to proclaim this Good News. Amen.

2:1-11 当我们论断他人时,就是在谴责自己(第 1 节)。我们很容易认识到并谴责他人的罪,却忽略了自己的罪。保罗的教导很明确:人人都有罪。如果没有上帝的忍耐和宽容,我们都会被定罪。哦上帝啊,感谢你,我们的救世主耶稣救赎了我们!今天,请差遣我们去宣讲这好消息。阿们。

2:12–29 Paul warns against being praised by people but not by God (v 29). Pride desires recognition and praise from the world, but this may come in ways that are inconsistent with God’s will. Our priorities are misplaced when we seek the world’s acclaim. We are blessed when we place God first, knowing He loves and forgives us. He approves of us because of Jesus. That’s all the praise we will ever need. • Heavenly Father, in faith I do not seek the praise of the world, but I rejoice in Your gifts. Amen.

2:12-29 保罗警告人们不要寻求人的赞美而抛弃神的赞美(第29节)。骄傲渴望得到世人的认可和赞美,但这种认可和赞美的方式可能与神的旨意不符。当我们寻求世人的喝彩时,我们的优先事项就错位了。当我们把上帝放在首位,知道他爱我们、宽恕我们时,我们就蒙福了。因着耶稣,上帝已经认可我们。这就是我们所需要的一切赞美。天父,凭着信心,我不寻求世人的赞美,但我因你的恩赐而喜乐。阿们。

3:1–8 Human sinfulness shows the radical difference between God’s holiness and humanity’s unrighteousness. God made covenants with His people, but we have broken our promises. How blessed we are that our unfaithfulness cannot nullify His faithfulness. He redeems us because He is gracious. • Loving Father, thank You for Your grace and faithfulness. Empower me by Your Spirit to be faithful to You. Amen.

3:1-8 人类的罪性表明了上帝的圣洁与人类的不义之间的巨大差异。上帝与他的子民立下盟约,但我们却违背了自己的诺言。我们何其有福,我们的不忠不能抵消神的信实。他救赎我们,因为他有恩典。慈爱的天父,感谢你的恩典和信实。请用你的圣灵赋予我能力,使我对你忠心。阿们。

3:9–20 While we are tempted to think that obedience to the Law can save, Paul shows the Law’s diagnosis: we are sinners incapable of saving ourselves (v 20). Only when we see this are we prepared for the Good News of what Christ has done for us. • Lord, I know that I am a sinner. Forgive me. Help me see Jesus and trust in Him alone. Amen.

3:9-20 当我们受到诱惑,以为顺从律法就能得救时,保罗指出了律法的诊断:我们是罪人,没有能力拯救自己(第20节)。只有看到这一点,我们才会因着基督为我们所做的而带来的好消息做好接受的准备。主啊,我知道我是个罪人。请宽恕我。帮助我看见耶稣,只信靠他。阿们。

3:21–31 Vv 23–24 demonstrate human equality—all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory. We are alike in our corruption and fallenness. But all humanity has also been redeemed by Christ. Sinners may draw distinctions between people, but God does not. He would save us all through Christ. • Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world, thank You for Your salvation. Empower me to share Your gift with others. Amen.

3:21-31 23-24 节展示了人类的平等人人都犯了罪,亏缺了上帝的荣耀。我们的败坏和堕落是一样的。但全人类都已被基督救赎。罪人可能会把人与人区分开来,但上帝不会。他要通过基督拯救我们所有人。主耶稣基督,世界的救赎主,感谢你的救赎。让我有能力与他人分享你的恩赐。阿们。

4:1–12 Abraham’s circumcision did not save him; it was a response to his salvation. We are constantly tempted to give our works a role in salvation, but this detracts from God’s work. Christ saves us apart from our works, so anything we do responds to what He has already done for us. • Gracious God, grant us hearts that trust like Abraham, who trusted in You alone. Thank You for declaring us righteous. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

4:1-12 亚伯拉罕的割礼并没有拯救他;割礼是对他得救的回应。我们不断受到诱惑,试着要让我们的善行在救赎中发挥作用,但这有损于上帝的工作。基督拯救了我们,与我们的行为无关,因此我们所做的一切都是对他为我们所做的一切的回应。仁慈的上帝,请赐给我们像亚伯拉罕一样的信靠之心,他只信靠你。感谢你宣布我们为义人。奉耶稣的名。阿们。

4:13–25 Abraham trusted that God was able to do what He promised. Trials and challenges may tempt us to doubt God’s promises. As He did with Abraham, God will strengthen our faith, assure us of His promises, help us to trust, and fulfill all He said He would do. • Lord, I believe. Assure me when I doubt, and strengthen my faith. Amen.

4:13-25 亚伯拉罕相信神能够成就他所应许的。试炼和挑战可能会让我们怀疑神的应许。正如他对亚伯拉罕所做的一样,神会坚固我们的信心,向我们保证他的应许,帮助我们相信,并实现他所说的一切。主啊,我相信。当我怀疑时,请向我保证,坚定我的信心。阿们。

5:1–11 We naturally seek to avoid pain and suffering. Yet, there are times when suffering is unavoidable. Focused on Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection, we know that suffering is not the whole story. God will use afflictions for our good and to bless others. He will keep His promises, and we will overcome our sufferings by faith. • Lord Christ, You suffered for us. When we must suffer, lead us in faith. Amen.

5:1-11 我们自然会寻求避免痛苦和苦难。然而,有时苦难是不可避免的。专注于基督的受苦、受死和复活,我们知道苦难并不是故事的全部。上帝会用苦难来造福我们和他人。他会信守他的诺言,我们会凭信心战胜苦难。主基督,你为我们受苦。当我们必须受苦时,请用信心引领我们。阿们。

5:12–21 Adam’s sin brought guilt, the desire to sin, and mortality to all humans. We continue to sin and deserve condemnation. Praise God, He did not stop with Adam. He sent a Second Adam to begin a new humanity. Christ fulfilled the Law. He was obedient to the Father, and He paid the penalty for our sin. One man—Christ—has redeemed us and changed humanity forever. • O Lord, Your grace abounds for me so that I may enjoy justification, life, and peace as Adam enjoyed before the fall into sin. Reign over me, gracious Lord, that I may reign over trespasses and death, inheriting all the blessings of the Second Adam—Jesus. Amen.

5:12-21 亚当的罪给全人类带来了罪恶、犯罪的欲望和死亡。我们继续犯罪,理应受到谴责。赞美神,他没有止步于亚当。他派了第二个亚当来开始新的人类。基督完成了律法。他顺服天父,为我们的罪付出了代价。一个人就是基督救赎了我们,永远改变了人类。哦主,你的恩典充盈着我,使我可以享受称义、生命和平安,就像亚当在堕落犯罪之前所享受的一样。仁慈的主啊,请在我身上掌权,让我战胜过犯和死亡,继承第二个亚当就是耶稣的所有祝福。阿们。

6:1–14 We may be tempted to make grace an invitation to sin. Because God will forgive me, why not do what I want? This immature attitude misses this point: Christ unites Himself to us. In His death and resurrection, we receive forgiveness and life. He calls us to live in His life, not to turn back to a life dominated by sin. He enables us to live in the freedom of His grace. • Risen Savior, You died my death and gave me Your life. Abide with me that I may walk with You. Amen.

6:1-14 我们可能会受到诱惑,把恩典当作犯罪的邀请。因为上帝会宽恕我,为什么不随心所欲呢?这种不成熟的态度忽略了这一点: 基督使自己与我们联合。在他的死和复活中,我们得到了宽恕和生命。他呼召我们活在他的生命中,而不是回到被罪主宰的生活里。他使我们活在他恩典的自由中。复活的救主,你为我受死,又赐给我生命。请与我同在,让我与你同行。阿们。

6:15–23 Although many people consider freedom to be the ultimate human right, no one is truly free spiritually. We were slaves to sin and bound to death. Knowing this, Jesus came to serve us by giving His life on the cross and rising for us. Freed from sin, we can now serve God. Only when we are “slaves” to God will we have freedom to be the people He created us to be. • My Savior, thank You for serving me. Lead me to serve You and others. Amen.

6:15-23 虽然许多人认为自由是人类的终极权利,但没有人在灵性上是真正自由的。我们是罪的奴隶,被死亡捆绑。知道这一点后,耶稣来到我们身边,在十字架上为我们献出生命,并为我们复活。从罪中解放出来之后,我们现在可以侍奉上帝了。只有当我们成为上帝的奴隶时,我们才能获得自由,成为他创造我们时要我们成为的人。我的救主,感谢你为我服务。引领我为你和他人服务。阿们。

7:1–6 As the Law confronts fallen human nature, it accuses and condemns, revealing sinfulness and the unreachable standard of God’s holiness. Faithless people may be driven to sin and despair by the Law (v 5). Thanks be to God, in Christ we have died to the Law (v 4). Now we need not live in bondage and fear, but in a new life in the Spirit. • O Holy Spirit, fill me with faith and new life, so that I may bear the fruit of love for You. Amen.

7:1-6 当律法对峙堕落的人性时,它指责和定罪,揭示了罪性和上帝圣洁的高不可攀的标准。没有信仰的人可能会被律法逼向罪恶和绝望(第5节)。感谢神,在基督里,我们已死于律法(第 4 节)。现在我们不必活在束缚和恐惧中,而是活在圣灵里的新生命中。圣灵啊,求你用信心和新生命充满我,让我为你结出爱的果子。阿们。

7:7–25 Our struggle with sin is not a past event; it is a present reality. We know God’s will and desire to serve Him, but we cannot overcome sin. Even if we try, we fail. We cry out, “Who will deliver me from this body of death?” There is only one answer: “Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!” Jesus rescues us. Though we sin daily, He continues to forgive and restore us. • Lord Jesus, I love You. Lead me in daily repentance. Forgive my sin and strengthen my faith. By Your Spirit, deliver me. Amen.

7:7-25 我们与罪的斗争不是过去的事,而是现在的现实。我们知道上帝的旨意,渴望侍奉他,但我们无法战胜罪。即使我们尝试,也会失败。我们呼喊:谁能救我脱离这取死的身体呢?答案只有一个感谢上帝,借着我们的主耶稣基督就能脱离了!耶稣拯救了我们。虽然我们每天都在犯罪,但他会继续宽恕我们,使我们复原。主耶稣,我爱你。引领我每日悔改。宽恕我的罪,坚定我的信仰。以你的圣灵拯救我。阿们。

8:1–11 Because Christ justifies sinners, God’s life-giving Spirit dwells in believers. He frees us from the bondage of sin and death. Those who are preoccupied with satisfying their selfish desires often become angry with God and rebel against Him. God promises release from this deadly cycle and brings life and peace. • Father, by Your Spirit, direct our hearts to Christ, where true joys are found. Amen.

8:1-11 因为基督使罪人称义,上帝赐生命的灵居住在信徒里面。他将我们从罪和死亡的束缚中释放出来。那些一心只想满足私欲的人往往会对上帝发怒,并悖逆他。上帝应许我们摆脱这种致命的循环,并带来生命与平安。天父,求你的灵引导我们的心向基督,在那里我们能找到真正的喜乐。阿们。

8:12–17 The Holy Spirit leads us to trust confidently that we are heirs, privileged to call God “our Father” and to receive eternal glory at the end of present suffering. The path to glory, however, is not an easy street, for it entails daily rejection of personal sins. When God’s judgment frightens us, the Spirit assures us that God loves us in Christ. • Lord, by Your Spirit, comfort us when we are afraid. Lead us to see You as our dear Father and to see ourselves as Your dear children. Amen.

8:12-17 圣灵引导我们满怀信心地相信,我们是继承人,有特权称上帝为我们的父,并在现世苦难结束时获得永恒的荣耀。然而,通往荣耀的道路并不平坦,因为它要求我们每天都摒弃个人的罪恶。当上帝的审判令我们恐惧时,圣灵向我们保证,上帝在基督里爱我们。主啊,当我们恐惧时,请用你的灵安慰我们。引导我们把你看作我们亲爱的父亲,把我们自己看作你亲爱的孩子。阿们。

 8:18–30 The Holy Spirit ministers to God’s dear children by giving us hope in our suffering, help in our weakness, and assurance that all things work out to fulfill God’s eternal purposes in our lives. When our hope in God dims, we easily succumb to impatience in distress. The Spirit helps us in our frailty, assuring us of God’s steadfast love. • Father in heaven, never leave or forsake us. Turn our complaints into prayers and our condemnation into glory. Amen.

8:18-30 圣灵在我们的苦难中赐给我们希望,在我们的软弱中赐给我们帮助,以及引领我们确信万事都会实现上帝在我们生命中永恒的旨意,服侍上帝亲爱的儿女。当我们对上帝的盼望变得渺茫时,我们很容易在苦难中变得急躁。圣灵在我们软弱的时候帮助我们,向我们保证上帝坚定的爱。天父啊,请永远不要离开或抛弃我们。把我们的抱怨变成祷告,把我们的谴责变成荣耀。阿们。

8:31–39 Christ’s death, resurrection, and exaltation at God’s right hand guarantees our victory over anything and everything that would separate us from His love. When following Christ brings distress, we sometimes distance ourselves from Him. But Christ never draws back from us. • Lord Jesus, though You are exalted at the Father’s right hand, You still hold us. Keep us in Your love to the end. Amen.

8:31-39 基督的死、复活和被高举在神的右手边,保证我们胜过一切使我们与神的爱分离的事物。当跟随基督带来痛苦时,我们有时会远离他。但基督从未远离我们。主耶稣,虽然你被高举在天父的右手边,但你仍然牵着我们。保守我们在你的爱中,直到永远。阿们。

9:1–29 The unbelief of his fellow Jews, to whom God had given so much, caused Paul great sorrow. Countering likely objections, Paul insists that God’s Word has not failed and He is not unjust in His choices. Unbelievers sit under God’s judgment, placing themselves in spiritual peril. Yet God is patient, desiring to show mercy on us all. • Lord, give us a penitent heart and confidence in Your grace. Thank You for choosing us and calling us to faith in Christ. Amen.

9:1-29 神赐给犹太人这么多,他们却不信,这使保罗非常忧伤。面对可能出现的反对意见,保罗坚持认为神的话语没有失效,神的拣选也不是不公正的。不信的人处在上帝的审判之下,使自己处于属灵的危险之中。然而,上帝是有耐心的,他希望怜悯我们所有人。主啊,请赐给我们忏悔的心和对你恩典的信心。感谢你拣选了我们,呼召我们相信基督。阿们。

9:30–10:4 Paul looks backward to God’s sovereign choice in Israel’s history (9:1–29) and forward to the necessity of faith and the guilt of unbelief (10:5–21). Every effort to get right with God by works of the Law, however sincere, is doomed to failure. God is the giver of righteousness to everyone who believes. • “O my God, in You I trust; let me not be put to shame” (Ps 25:2). Amen.

9:30-10:4 保罗向后回顾了神在以色列历史中的主权选择(9:1-29),向前指出了信的必要性和不信的罪责(10:5-21)。每一个通过律法的行为来与上帝和好的努力,无论多么真诚,都注定要失败。神是公义的赐予者,赐给每一个相信的人。我的神啊,我素来倚靠你,求你不要叫我羞愧(诗篇 252)。阿们。

10:5–21 Like a loving father waiting for his children to come home, God yearns to show mercy on all (cf Lk 15:11–32). Those who refuse to accept God’s gracious invitation to share in the riches of His grace are accountable to Him for their unbelief. However, Christ Jesus is always near to us in His Word. He stands ready to forgive and renew us. • We praise You, O Lord, for welcoming us through the words of all those who bring to us the Good News of Your love. Place that faith-creating Word on our lips, that we may speak to those who have not yet heard or believed. Amen.

10:5-21 像慈父等待儿女回家一样,上帝渴望怜悯所有人(参路 15:11-32)。那些拒绝接受上帝邀请分享他丰富恩典的人,要为他们的不信向上帝交代。然而,基督耶稣总是在他的话语中与我们亲近。他随时准备宽恕我们,更新我们。主啊,我们赞美你,因为你通过所有为我们带来你爱的好消息的人的话语欢迎我们。请将那创造信仰的话语放在我们的嘴唇上,让我们向那些尚未听到或相信的人说话。阿们。

11:1–10 Paul, chosen by God’s grace revealed in Jesus Christ, is a living example that God has preserved for Himself a remnant in Israel. Those who become hardened and spiritually callous are in danger of God’s frightening judgment. However, through the suffering for sin that Christ endured, even the sin of doubt is forgiven in those who trust in His grace. • O Lord, may the physical descendants of Abraham receive the promised salvation delivered in the Gospel of Jesus. Amen.

11:1-10 保罗被上帝在耶稣基督里显明的恩典所拣选,是上帝为自己保留以色列余民的活榜样。那些在灵性上变得刚硬冷酷的人有可能遭到上帝可怕的审判。然而,通过基督为罪所受的苦难,那些信靠他恩典的人甚至连怀疑的罪也得到了宽恕。主啊,愿亚伯拉罕的后裔得到耶稣福音中应许的救赎。阿们。

11:11–24 Paul warns the Gentile believers against pride and reminds them of their role in God’s mission to Jewish unbelievers. To look down on any nonbeliever is sinful rejection of God’s gracious purposes. In goodness and kindness, God can restore to faith those who have fallen. • Heavenly Father, be merciful to all those who have drifted away from You, especially family members and friends. Graft them in again by Your Word and grace. Amen.

11:11-24 保罗警告外邦人信徒不要骄傲,并提醒他们在神对犹太非信徒的使命中的角色。看不起任何非信徒都是对上帝恩典的罪恶拒绝。上帝会以他的良善和仁慈使那些跌倒的人重拾信心。天父,求你怜悯所有远离你的人,尤其是家人和朋友。用你的话语和恩典把他们重新嫁接上来。阿们。

11:25–36 In ways beyond our understanding, God has acted in mercy to bring salvation to Jews and Gentiles. Human beings cannot exchange roles with God, presuming to sit in judgment of Him. But we in whom His Spirit dwells praise Him for His inexhaustible kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. • To You alone, O triune Lord, belongs all glory forever. Amen.

11:25-36 上帝以我们无法理解的方式,以怜悯的行动给犹太人和外邦人带来了救赎。人类无法与上帝交换角色,妄想对他进行审判。但上帝的灵居住在我们里面,我们要赞美他,因为他在基督耶稣里对我们有取之不尽、用之不竭的仁慈。三位一体的主啊,一切荣耀只属于你,直到永远。阿们。

12:1–2 Keep Paul’s opening words in mind as you study chs 12–16. He urges us to present ourselves as living sacrifices because it is the proper response to “the mercies of God” (v 1). On this side of heaven, we are not fully renewed (7:14–25). As a result, the exhortations of chs 12–16 show us that we still sin and fall short (3:23). But that is not the only purpose for this section; it is a guide for Christian living (see FC Ep and SD VI). God has shown us His undeserved mercies in Christ. God has transformed our lives in Baptism and continues to renew us daily by His Spirit. • Thank You, heavenly Father, for Your mercies in Jesus Christ and for the transforming work You began in my Baptism. Empower me by Your Spirit to present my body as a living sacrifice of worship acceptable to You in Jesus Christ. Amen.

 12:1-2 在学习第 12-16 章时,请牢记保罗的开场白。他敦促我们把自己当作活祭献上,因为这是对上帝的慈悲(第1节)的正确回应。在天堂的这一边,我们还没有完全更新(7:14-25)。因此,第 12-16 章的劝勉告诉我们,我们仍然有罪,仍然有亏欠(323)。但这并不是本节的唯一目的;它也是基督徒生活的指南(见协同式简式和全文第六条)。上帝在基督里向我们显明了他不配的怜悯。上帝在洗礼中改变了我们的生命,并继续通过圣灵每天更新我们。感谢你,天父,感谢你在耶稣基督里的怜悯,感谢你在我受洗时开始的更新工作。请用你的圣灵赐我能力,在耶稣基督里将我的身体献上,作为敬拜你的活祭。阿们。

12:3–8 God graciously bestows various gifts to be used for the benefit of others. Our abilities can cause us to think of ourselves too highly. Paul urges Christians to avoid that temptation while exhorting us to use God’s gifts to serve others. Paul repeatedly emphasizes the gracious gifts of God that are received in faith. • Thank You, God, for bringing me into the Body of Christ and for the gifts You give to those who have served me in many and various ways. Enlighten me with Your gifts, and empower me to be a living sacrifice, that I may humbly use my gifts to serve others. Amen.

12:3-8 神恩赐我们各种恩赐,让我们用来造福他人。我们的能力会让我们自视过高。保罗敦促基督徒避免这种诱惑,同时劝勉我们使用上帝的恩赐为他人服务。保罗反复强调凭信心接受上帝的恩赐。神啊,感谢你把我带进基督的身体,感谢你赐给那些以各种方式服侍我的人所拥有的恩赐。请用你的恩赐启迪我,赐我能力成为活祭,让我谦卑地用我的恩赐为他人服务。阿们。

12:9–21 Here is what a life of genuine love (v 9) looks like in specific detail. It is a life that follows Christ’s example (Php 2:1–11) and models His words from the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5–7). We all fail to live up to this standard. However, as living sacrifices, we have been transformed to live according to God’s loving will (vv 1–2). This serves as a powerful witness to others (cf Mt 5:16Jn 13:34–35). God in Christ has first loved us in this way and, by His mercies (v 1), our salvation is secure and not dependent on how we love. • Father, thank You for loving me first and forever by sending Your Son and making me a part of His Body. Train my heart in hope and my hand in mercy in harmony with Jesus’ words and deeds. Amen.

12:9-21 以下是真爱的生活(第 9 节)的具体细节。这种生活以基督为榜样(腓 2:1-11),以他在登山宝训(太 5-7)中的话语为楷模。我们都没有达到这个标准。然而,作为活祭,我们已经改变,按照上帝爱的旨意生活(第 1-2 节)。这是对他人的有力见证(参太 5:16; 13:34-35)。上帝在基督里首先以这种方式爱了我们,因着他的怜悯(第1节),我们的救恩是稳固的,并不取决于我们如何去爱。天父,感谢你首先爱我,并永远爱我,差遣你的儿子使我成为他身体的一部分。让我的心充满希望,让我的手充满怜悯,与耶稣的言行一致。阿们。

13:1–7 While all governments fall short, Paul implies that the first-century Roman government was adequately carrying out its two essential functions: approving those who do good and punishing evildoers. Paul acknowledges that all authority comes from God, to whom ultimate obedience is due. “We must obey God rather than men” (Ac 5:29). Believers are to honor those in authority, obey the government, and pay their taxes (cf 1Pt 2:13–17). To fail to do so is to suffer the consequences from those in authority and possibly from God as well. God is the ultimate authority; He used His power to save us (1:16). • Thank You for caring for me through those You have placed in authority over me: my parents, teachers, and government officials. Guide them to use their authority according to Your will and help me to obey them. Bless those believers who live under corrupt governments, and guide their consciences to respond in ways pleasing to You. Amen.

13:1-7 虽然所有政府都有不足之处,但保罗暗示,一世纪的罗马政府充分履行了它的两项基本职能:认可行善者,惩罚作恶者。保罗承认,所有的权威都来自上帝,最终都要服从上帝。顺服神,不顺服人是应当的(徒 5:29)。信徒要尊敬掌权者,服从政府,缴纳税款(参见彼前 2:13-17)。如果不这样做,就会受到掌权者的惩罚,也可能受到上帝的惩罚。上帝是最终的权威;他用他的大能拯救了我们(1:16)。感谢你通过你所安排的掌权者(我的父母、老师和政府官员)来关爱我。请引导他们按照你的旨意行使权力,并帮助我顺服他们。祝福那些生活在腐败政府统治下的信徒,引导他们的良知以你喜悦的方式做出回应。阿们。

13:8–14 The requirements and essence of God’s Law have not changed from the OT. The Law shows us how to love others as we have been loved by God in Christ. “All have sinned and fall short” of God’s requirement to love Him and others (3:23). The Gospel calls us to rely on God’s mercy in Christ, which then motivates us to love as we have been loved. The context of Rm assures us that God declares us righteous, not because of our ability to love, but solely because of Christ, who “is the end of the law” (10:4). • Father, You have loved me in Christ and declared me to be Your righteous child. Empower me to love and serve others through Christ. Amen.

13:8-14 上帝律法的要求和本质与古时相比没有改变。律法告诉我们如何爱他人,就像我们在基督里被上帝所爱一样。世人都犯了罪,亏缺了上帝对我们爱他自己以及爱他人的要求(3:23)。福音呼召我们依靠上帝在基督里的怜悯,从而激励我们像自己被上帝爱那样去爱他人。罗马书的上下文向我们保证,上帝宣布我们为义,不是因为我们爱的能力,而完全是因为基督,他是律法的总结104)。天父,你在基督里爱我,宣布我是你公义的儿女。请赐予我能力,让我通过基督去爱他人、服侍他人。阿们。

14:1–12 OT food and festival laws had been significant religious issues, but Christ freed us to observe or not to observe them. Christians may judge the conduct of others only on the basis of God’s Word (see FC Ep and SD X). We should not go beyond it and pronounce judgment in matters of Christian freedom. Those who do so wound other believers and will have to account for such behavior before God Himself. In Baptism, we were joined with Christ and one another. Not even death can sever that bond. • In life and in death, O Lord, You promise to abide with me. Thank You for the assurance that I am Yours both now and for eternity. Teach us to speak according to Your Word, but to remain silent where Your Word grants freedom. Amen.

14:1-12 旧约的食物和节期律法是重要的宗教问题,但基督释放了我们赐给我们自由,可以遵守或不遵守这些律法规条。基督徒只能根据上帝的话语来评判他人的行为(见协同式简式及全文第十条)。我们不应该在基督徒自由的问题上越俎代庖、妄加评判。这样做的人伤害了其他信徒,也必须在上帝面前为自己的行为负责。在洗礼中,我们与基督和彼此相连。即使死亡也无法切断这种联系。主啊,无论生死,你都应许与我同在。感谢你保证我现在和永远都属于你。教导我们按照你的话语说话,但在你的话语给予自由的地方保持沉默。阿们。

14:13–23 Paul continues to deal specifically with first-century controversial issues among Jewish and Gentile Christians (foods and holy days). Paul knows all foods are clean, but flaunting his freedoms will give offense in the presence of Jewish Christians who still observe OT food laws. In a similar manner, we should not engage in behaviors that would cause other believers to stumble in their faith. When we commit actions against our own Spirit-informed Christian conscience, we sin. Freedom in Christ is not simply freedom from the Law, but freedom given for a purpose, to serve others in love (Gal 5:13). God’s kingdom (14:17) has been given to us through Jesus Christ and by the Holy Spirit. • Father, thank You for the freedom You give me in the kingdom of Your Son, Jesus. May I enjoy my freedom by using it to serve others. Show me when I ought to limit my freedom for the benefit of my brothers and sisters in the faith. Amen.

14:13-23 保罗继续具体论述第一世纪犹太和外邦基督徒之间有争议的问题(食物和圣日)。保罗知道所有的食物都是洁净的,但炫耀自己的自由会冒犯仍在遵守旧约食物律法的犹太基督徒。同样,我们也不应该做出会使其他信徒在信仰上跌倒的行为。当我们做出违背圣灵指引的基督徒良知的行为时,我们就犯了罪。在基督里的自由不仅仅是脱离律法的自由,而是为了一个目的而被赋予的自由,即在爱中服侍他人(加拉太书 513)。上帝的国度(14:17)已经通过耶稣基督和圣灵赐给了我们。天父,感谢你在你儿子耶稣的国度里赐予我自由。愿我用自由服务他人,享受这份自由。向我显明什么时候应该为了信仰中的弟兄姐妹的益处而限制我的自由。阿们。

15:1–7 Concludes the section begun in 14:1. Paul has dealt with quarrels over opinions and here resolves them. There are strong and weak among us in the Church. We should follow Christ’s example of accepting and striving to please others. Despite your sin and weaknesses, Christ bore the reproaches your sins deserved and welcomed you into God’s family (15:7). • Dear Father, lead me into Your Word, where I receive endurance, encouragement, and hope from You. Empower me then to welcome others, especially those weak in faith. Amen.

15:1-7 结束 14:1 开始的部分。保罗曾处理过意见上的争吵,在此加以解决。教会里有强者,也有弱者。我们应该以基督为榜样,接受并努力取悦他人。尽管你有罪孽和软弱,基督还是承担了你的罪孽应得的责备,欢迎你进入上帝的大家庭(15:7)。亲爱的天父,请引领我进入你的话语,因为藉着你的话语我从你那里得到忍耐、鼓励和希望。让我有能力欢迎他人,尤其是那些信心软弱的人。阿们。

15:8–13 The OT looked ahead to a day when Jews and Gentiles would worship God together. This day has come in Christ. Gentiles in particular should remember their hopeless existence apart from Christ (cf Eph 2:11–12). According to His prophetic promises, God has raised up Jesus. In Him, Jews and Gentiles are united to “glorify God for His mercy” (v 9). • Thank You, God, for Your Word and for Jesus, who embodies and fulfills it. By Your Holy Spirit, fill me with hope and “joy and peace in believing” (v 13). Amen.

15:8-13 旧约期待着犹太人和外邦人一起敬拜神的那一天。这一天在基督里已经到来。外邦人尤其要记住他们过去没有基督时毫无希望的生存状态(参弗 2:11-12)。上帝按照他的预言应许,使耶稣复活了。在他里面,犹太人和外邦人联合起来,因神的怜悯荣耀祂(第 9 节)。感谢你,上帝,感谢你的话语和耶稣,他呈现并实践了你的话语。请用你的圣灵使我充满希望和因信而有的喜乐平安(第13节)。阿们。

15:14–21 Paul lays out the practice and scope of his mission work. Apart from God’s intervention through servants such as Paul, we would not have seen, heard, or understood God’s grace. Christ’s servants are to respond to His calling and use their gifts in dedicated service as Paul did. Anything we do is simply “what Christ has accomplished through” us (v 18). It is all by grace and is sanctified and empowered by the Holy Spirit. • Lord, I praise You that the message of Your grace has reached me and that I have come to believe it by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Use me and the gifts You have given to me as an acceptable offering to You. Amen.

15:14-21 保罗阐述了他传教工作的实践和范围。如果没有神通过像保罗这样的仆人的干预,我们就不会看到、听到或理解神的恩典。基督的仆人要回应他的呼召,像保罗一样运用自己的恩赐尽心服侍。我们所做的一切都是基督借着我们所成就的(第18节)。这一切都是出于恩典,是圣灵所赐的圣洁和能力。主啊,我赞美你,你恩典的信息已经传到了我的耳中,我也因着你圣灵的大能而相信了它。请使用我和你赐给我的恩赐,作为你可接受的祭品。阿们。

15:22–33 Paul lays out his current travel plans. Our desires to serve God may be hindered if we are not willing to accept gifts from others. Christ empowered Paul’s mission work and gave it the fullness of His blessing (v 29). He will give us joy, refreshment, and peace as well. • Thank You, God, for spiritual blessings of peace and joy, as well as for the encouragement given to me by my brothers and sisters in Christ. I praise You also for the material blessings You have entrusted to me. Guide me to use them wisely and to share with those in need. Amen.

15:22-33 保罗阐述了他目前的旅行计划。如果我们不愿意接受他人的礼物,我们侍奉神的愿望就会受到阻碍。基督为保罗的宣教工作加添了力量,并赐给他丰盛的祝福(第 29 节)。他也会赐给我们喜乐、补给和平安。感谢神,赐给我平安和喜乐的属灵祝福,以及基督里的弟兄姐妹给我的鼓励。我也为你托付给我的物质祝福赞美你。请指引我明智地使用它们,并与有需要的人分享。阿们。

16:1–16 Paul greets 26 people by name. Many of these believers have labored long and hard for Christ with Paul. They serve as examples and role models for us. Christ unites Jew and Gentile, male and female. He breaks through all other human bonds in His Church. He also establishes a committed and dear relationship among believers. • Thank You, Father, for people who bless our relationship with Christ. Amen.

16:1-16 保罗点名问候了26个人。在这些信徒中,有许多人与保罗一起为基督做了长期艰苦的工作。他们是我们的榜样和楷模。基督使犹太人和外邦人,男性和女性联合在一起。在他的教会中,他突破了所有其他属人的关系。他还在信徒之间建立了一种坚定而亲密的关系。感谢你,天父,感谢你赐福我们与基督的关系。阿们。

16:17–23 Paul warns against those who cause divisions and promises God will overcome them. Those who advocate a false Gospel are to be avoided entirely. As “living sacrifices” to God (12:1), we are to be actively engaged in good and uninvolved with evil. As promised in Gn 3:15, God will bring about the final culmination of our salvation by crushing the power of Satan, sin, death, and hell forever (cf Rv 20:1014). • Heavenly Father, guard and protect Your Church from all who would corrupt Your precious Gospel. As we await the final consummation of our salvation, may our obedience to Your will be “known to all” around us. Amen.

16:17-23 保罗警告那些制造分裂的人,并应许神会胜过他们。那些鼓吹虚假福音的人应该完全避免。作为上帝的活祭121),我们要积极行善,远离邪恶。正如《创世记》315 中所应许的,上帝将永远粉碎撒旦、罪、死亡和地狱的权势,使我们的救赎达到最终的顶点(参阅《罗马书》201014)。天父啊,请守护你的教会,使其远离那些败坏你宝贵福音的人。当我们等待救赎的最终完成时,愿我们对你旨意的顺服能传于众人。阿们。

16:25–27 Paul’s closing words encompass the entire good news of God, from the prophetic OT writings to the proclamation of Jesus Christ being made known to all nations. God’s eternal being, His wisdom, knowledge, and power, are all far beyond ours. He calls those of faith to respond in obedience to His will. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was entrusted to Paul and faithfully proclaimed among the nations in accordance with God’s will. • At the bottom of his music, Johann Sebastian Bach wrote “S.D.G” (Lat Soli Deo Gloria), “to God alone the glory.” Paul ends his marvelous expression of Law and Gospel in Rm on the same note. He then adds that this is all in and through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory. Amen!

16:25-27 保罗的结束语概括了上帝的整个好消息,从预言性的《旧约》著作到耶稣基督被万民所知的宣告。上帝永恒的存在、他的智慧、知识和能力都远远超越了我们。他呼召有信心的人顺从他的旨意。耶稣基督的福音被托付给保罗,并按照上帝的旨意忠实地传遍万邦。约翰塞巴斯蒂安巴赫(Johann Sebastian Bach)在他的音乐作品底部写下了 “S.D.G”(拉丁语 Soli Deo Gloria),即唯独荣耀归于神。保罗在《罗马书》中对律法和福音的精彩表述也是以同样的音符结束的。然后他补充说,这一切都是在耶稣基督里并通过耶稣基督实现的,荣耀归于耶稣基督。阿们!