9:1–6 Jesus sends out the 12 apostles to preach the Gospel, heal diseases, and cast out evil spirits. When modern-day Christians hear of such wondrous power and consider how few miracles they have experienced, they easily begin to feel inadequate for the service to which God calls them. However, we possess the same hope and eternal life through Christ crucified. We know that wherever that Gospel is delivered and received, the greatest healing follows. • “May God bestow on us His grace, With blessings rich provide us; And may the brightness of His face To life eternal guide us, That we His saving health may know, His gracious will and pleasure, And also to the nations show Christ’s riches without measure And unto God convert them.” Amen. (LSB 823:1)

9:1-6 耶稣差遣十二使徒去传福音、治病和赶鬼。当今日的基督徒听到如此奇妙的能力,并考虑到他们所经历的神迹少之又少时,他们很容易开始觉得自己不足以胜任上帝呼召他们去做的事工。然而,通过被钉十字架的基督,我们拥有同样的盼望和永生。我们知道,无论在哪里传递和接受福音,那最伟大的医治都会随之而来。- “愿上帝赐给我们祂的恩典,用丰富的祝福供应我们;愿祂脸上的光辉引导我们走向永生,使我们知道祂救赎的医治,祂恩惠的旨意和喜悦,也向列国显明基督无量的丰富,使他们皈依上帝”。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 823:1)

9:7–9 After the Twelve are sent out to preach and heal, there is such an outburst of prophetic activity that even Herod takes notice. Unfortunately, many people today have the same kind of puzzled but faithless reaction when the Gospel reaches their ears. By God’s Spirit and grace, our hearing of the Gospel will bear different fruit, that is, faithful commitment and the eager expectation of Jesus’ life-giving blessings. • Lord, open my heart to the blessings of Your Gospel. Grant me Your Spirit, that I never fail to appreciate the privilege of knowing You rightly and of being Your child and heir. Amen.

9:7-9 十二门徒被派去传道和治病之后,先知性的活动爆发,连希律都注意到了。不幸的是,今天许多人在福音传到他们耳中时,也会有同样疑惑但没有信心的反应。靠着上帝的灵和恩典,我们对福音的聆听会结出不同的果实,那就是忠心的委身和对耶稣赐予生命的祝福的热切期盼。- 主啊,请打开我的心门聆听你的福音。赐给我你的灵,使我永远不会忘记正确地认识你、成为你的孩子和继承人的特权。阿们。

9:10–17 In a miracle reminiscent of the manna in the wilderness, Jesus feeds the multitude that have come out to the wilderness to hear Him. Like the confused apostles, we often face life’s challenges armed only with our sin-starved wisdom and resources. Yet, Jesus stands ready to help. Just as He miraculously fed the 5,000, He is willing also and able to provide for us in time of need. • Lord, teach me to turn to You in every time of need, for I can do all things through You, as You strengthen me. Amen.

9:10-17 耶稣用一个让人想起旷野吗哪的神迹,喂饱了到旷野来听祂讲话的众人。就像困惑的使徒们一样,我们面对生活中的挑战时,往往只能靠我们有罪的并且极其匮乏的智慧和资源。然而,耶稣随时准备帮助我们。就像祂奇迹般地喂饱了五千人一样,祂也愿意并且能够在我们需要的时候供应我们。- 主啊,求祢教导我,在每一个需要帮助的时刻,求祢帮助我,因为祢使我得力,我靠着祢凡事都能做。阿们。

9:18–20 For the first time in the Gospel, Peter makes a clear confession of Jesus as the Messiah. All of our words and actions should similarly confess the One who is the only life and hope of the world, though we often fail in this regard. When we fail—indeed even when we deny our Lord—Jesus treats us just as He did Peter. He faithfully calls us to repent, and He forgives our weaknesses. • Lord Jesus, grant us grace to believe Your promise that if we confess You before men, You will confess us before the Father in heaven. Amen.

9:18-20 彼得在福音书中第一次明确承认耶稣是弥赛亚。我们所有的言行都应该同样承认耶稣是世界唯一的生命和希望,尽管我们在这方面经常失败。当我们失败时,甚至当我们否认我们的主时,耶稣会像对待彼得一样对待我们。祂忠实地呼唤我们悔改,祂赦免我们的软弱。- 主耶稣,求你赐给我们恩典,让我们相信你的应许:如果我们在人面前承认你,你也会在天父面前承认我们。阿们。

9:21–22 Now identified as the Christ, Jesus challenges His disciples’ understanding of that role by revealing His impending suffering and death. It is painful to admit that we need a Messiah who would suffer and die for us—to make up for our failures and rebellions. Thankfully, Jesus was willing to be born under the Law, to fulfill all righteousness, and then pay the full price of our redemption on Calvary’s cross. • “Come to Calv’ry’s holy mountain, Sinners, ruined by the fall; Here a pure and healing fountain Flows for you, for me, for all, In a full, perpetual tide, Opened when our Savior died.” Amen. (LSB 435:1)

9:21-22 现在,耶稣被认定为基督,祂也启示了自己即将遭受的苦难和死亡,以此帮助门徒理解基督的角色。承认我们需要一位为我们受苦和受死的弥赛亚–弥补我们的失败和悖逆–是一件痛苦的事。值得庆幸的是,耶稣愿意降生在律法之下,成就一切公义,然后在髑髅地的十字架上为我们的救赎付出全部代价。- “来髑髅地的圣山吧,因堕落而毁灭的罪人那;这里有纯净而治愈的泉源,为你,为我,为所有人,在充盈而永恒的潮水中流淌,在我们的救赎主死时开启。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 435:1)

9:23–27 Because Jesus is the only way to eternal life, following Him demands that we reorder our priorities, putting Him in first place and setting aside whatever does not accord with His way. This proves impossible for us but not for our Lord, who embraces and bears our crosses and shame that He might present us righteous before His dear Father. • “ ‘Take up your cross,’ the Savior said, ‘If you would My disciple be; Forsake the past, and come this day, And humbly follow after Me.’ ” Amen. (LW 382:1)

9:23-27 因为耶稣是通往永生的唯一道路,所以跟随祂就要求我们重新安排我们的优先次序,把祂放在首位,把与祂的道路不符的事情放在一边。这对我们来说是不可能完全做到的,但对我们的主来说却是一定做到,祂拥抱并承担了我们的十字架和耻辱,使我们在祂亲爱的父面前成为义人。- 救世主说:’你们若要作我的门徒,就当背起你们的十字架;弃绝过去,从今来到,谦卑地跟从我。”阿们。(路德宗敬拜382:1)

9:28–36 Through the transfiguration, Jesus allows His disciples to catch a glimpse of the glory that will again be His after His resurrection. Like Peter, we, too, like to prolong “mountaintop experiences,” leaving the toil and trouble of the world behind. However, Jesus has not called us out of the world, but rather to overcome it. Accordingly, He lifts us up and strengthens us when we are challenged, reminding us that He has already overcome the world for us. • “ ’Tis good, Lord, to be here! Yet we may not remain; But since Thou bidst us leave the mount, Come with us to the plain.” Amen. (LSB 414:5)

9:28-36 通过登山变像,耶稣让门徒瞥见了祂复活后的荣耀。像彼得一样,我们也喜欢延长 “山顶的经历”,将尘世的劳碌和烦恼抛在脑后。然而,耶稣并没有呼召我们离开世界,而是要我们胜过世界。因此,当我们遇到挑战时,祂会扶持我们,加给我们力量,提醒我们祂已经为我们战胜了世界。- 主啊,来到这里真好!但我们不能停留;既然你要我们离开山峰,就请与我们一同来到平原”。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书 414:5)

9:37–42 On the way down from the transfiguration, Jesus rescues a demon-possessed boy. Like the disciples who appear in this episode, we, too, exhibit weakness of faith. Thankfully, Jesus does not simply rebuke such failures and then fall silent. Rather, He responds in compassion and forgiveness as well, and so rescues us from unbelief and the menacing power of Satan. • Lord Jesus, keep me strong in faith, that neither fear of death nor the threats of the adversary divert my eyes from You and the glories of Your Gospel promises. Amen.

9:37-42 耶稣在下山的路上救了一个被鬼附的男孩。就像在这一情节中出现的门徒一样,我们也会表现出信心的软弱。值得庆幸的是,耶稣并没有简单地斥责这些失败,然后就沉默不语。相反,祂也会以怜悯和宽恕来回应我们,从而把我们从不信和撒旦的威胁中拯救出来。- 主耶稣,求你使我在信心中得坚固,不让死亡的恐惧和仇敌的威胁阻挡我对你和你福音应许的荣耀的视线。阿们。

9:43–45 Jesus once more predicts His suffering and death, and once more the disciples fail to understand Him. Blinded by our own misplaced priorities, we may likewise fail to discern God’s ways and plans for our lives. But Jesus remains with us every step of the way. With Him as our guide, we cannot be lost. • “Jesus, lead Thou on Till our rest is won. Heav’nly leader, still direct us, Still support, console, protect us, Till we safely stand In our fatherland.” Amen. (LSB 718:5)

9:43-45 耶稣再一次预言了自己的苦难和死亡,门徒们再一次没能理解祂。我们可能会被自己错误的优先事项所蒙蔽,同样无法辨别上帝对我们生命安排的道路和计划。但耶稣始终与我们同在。有祂作我们的向导,我们不会迷失方向。- “耶稣,你在前方引领,直到我们安息。天上来的领袖啊,请继续指引我们,继续支持、安慰、保护我们,直到我们安全地站在我们的天国家园”。阿们。(LSB 718:5)

9:46–48 Jesus corrects a misunderstanding about the nature of His kingdom, clarifying that true greatness comes from faith and service. We are just as mistaken when we think, as the disciples did, that our value comes from social position or material abundance. Instead, the grace manifested in Jesus’ sacrificial death establishes our value. By the power of God’s Spirit, our humble service produces things great in His eyes. • O Lord, grant me humility, that, being strengthened by Your Word and following the example of Your service to others, I might please You in all that I do and say. Amen.

9:46-48 耶稣纠正了人们对祂国度性质的误解,阐明真正的伟大来自于信心和服侍。当我们像门徒们一样,认为我们的价值来自社会地位或物质财富时,我们就错了。相反,耶稣牺牲生命所彰显的恩典建造了我们的价值。借着上帝之灵的大能,我们谦卑的侍奉会在祂眼中产生伟大的结果。- 主啊,求你赐给我谦卑,让我在你的话语中得到力量,以你服务祂人的榜样为楷模,在我的一言一行中讨你的喜悦。阿们。

9:49–50 Jesus admonishes His disciples for poor attitudes about ministry. Like the apostles, we may keep certain privileges and opportunities for ourselves. That impulse, however, runs contrary to God’s mercy, which He would share with all people, not just those in our preferred circle. Thankfully, Jesus left the comfort of heaven to stand with us, bear our burdens, and deliver us from evil. • Lord, preserve us from that selfish impulse that would inhibit Your mercy and the proclamation of Your name. Help us to see that You desire the salvation of all people, that we acknowledge and put to appropriate use the gifts of others. Amen.

9:49-50 耶稣告诫门徒在事奉上不能有的不良态度。像使徒们一样,我们可能会为自己捍卫某些特权和机会。然而,这种冲动与上帝的仁慈背道而驰,上帝的仁慈是要与所有人分享,而不仅仅是那些我们偏爱的圈子里的人。值得庆幸的是,耶稣离开了舒适的天堂,与我们站在一起,挑起我们的重担,救我们脱离凶恶。- 主啊,请保护我们远离自私的冲动,这种冲动会抑制你的仁慈和对你圣名的宣扬。请帮助我们明白,你渴望所有人都得到救赎,我们承认祂人的恩赐,并将其用于适当的地方。阿们。

9:51–56 When Jesus’ overture to the Samaritans is rejected, His apostles imagine that harsh retribution is in order. Such thinking is typical, unfortunately, as age-old conflicts die hard. We may easily resort to similar bad judgment. Yet, Jesus makes peace, not only with God but also between people. In Christ, all who repent are fully reconciled to the Father. • Lord, remove all sinful division and enmity from Your Church, that we love just as You have loved us. Amen.

9:51-56 当耶稣向撒玛利亚人发出的邀请遭到拒绝时,祂的使徒们认为应该进行严厉的报复。不幸的是,这种想法很典型,因为古老的冲突死而不僵。我们也很容易做出类似的错误判断。然而,耶稣不仅使人与上帝和好,也使人与人之间和好。在基督里,所有悔改的人都与天父完全和好了。- 主啊,求你除去教会中全部有罪的分裂和敌意,使我们爱你如同你爱我们一样。阿们。

9:57–62 In three brief exchanges with would-be disciples, Jesus shows that the cost of discipleship is high. Obviously, were it up to us to achieve our place in the kingdom of God, we would never make it. Thankfully, then, Jesus invites us and by grace makes it possible for us to become members of His eternal communion. • “O Lord, rescue us from the captivity of the sins which have oppressed us, so that we may attain the dwellings of the heavenly Jerusalem; through Jesus Christ. Amen.” (Sarum Breviary, TLWA, p 228)

9:57-62 在与可能成为门徒的人三次简短的交流中,耶稣表明了作门徒的代价是高昂的。很显然,如果我们靠自己要在神的国度里取得一席之地,我们永远也不会成功。值得庆幸的是,耶稣邀请我们,并通过恩典让我们成为他永恒团契的成员。- “主啊,求你救我们脱离压迫我们的罪的辖制,使我们可以得着天上耶路撒冷的居所;藉着耶稣基督我们祈祷”。阿们。(萨伦祈祷书》,主必应允,第 228 页)