10:1–12 Having previously sent out the Twelve (9:1–6), Jesus expands the breadth of His Gospel outreach by sending out 72 more workers. Then and now, many people who hear of Jesus’ kingdom end up rejecting it. Much as we hate to admit it, we, too, have responded indifferently and, at times, have rejected God’s will for our lives. How heartening to know that Jesus continues to reach out with compassion through the Gospel ministry He has established. • Lord, even as You have called me to faith and hope in the Gospel, keep me steadfast in the same. Amen.

10:1-12 在派出十二门徒(9:1-6)之后,耶稣又派出了七十二位工人,扩大了福音的传播范围。无论过去还是现在,许多人听到耶稣的国度后,最终都拒绝了。尽管我们不愿承认,但事实上我们也曾冷漠地回应,有时甚至拒绝上帝对我们生命的旨意。耶稣继续通过祂所建立的福音事工向我们伸出怜悯之手,这多么令人振奋。- 主啊,正如你呼召我听福音并因此得着信心和盼望那样,求你也保守我在其中坚定不移。阿们。

10:13–16 As Jesus sends out the Seventy-two, He warns that whoever rejects Him will be in danger of eternal condemnation. Such warnings continue in force today and apply especially to those who have heard the Gospel frequently. However, the fact that our familiarity with God sometimes breeds contempt does not mean that He acts likewise. He is faithful and just and forgives all who repent. • Give me a grateful heart, O Lord, ever ready to serve You and Your people. Amen.

10:13-16 当耶稣派出七十二人时,祂警告说,拒绝祂的人将面临永远被定罪的危险。这样的警告今天仍然有效,尤其适用于那些经常听闻福音的人。然而,我们对上帝很熟悉有时会在我们心中滋生蔑视的态度,但这并不意味着上帝也会如此。祂是信实和公义的,祂会赦免所有悔改的人。- 主啊,请赐予我一颗感恩的心,时刻准备为你和你的子民服务。阿们。

10:17–20 Empowered by Jesus, the Seventy-two advance into Satan’s territory as people believe the Gospel. Until Christ’s return, we, too, remain in this war zone, where Satan does everything he can to destroy us and halt the Gospel’s advance. In Christ, however, we are protected. In Him, we cannot lose, even though put to death, for in the end Christ grants us eternal life. • “Lord, be our light when worldly darkness veils us; Lord, be our shield when earthly armor fails us; And in the day when hell itself assails us, Grant us Your peace, Lord.” Amen. (LSB 659:3)

10:17-20 七十二人在耶稣的授权下,随着人们相信福音而开进到撒旦的领地。在基督再来临之前,我们也会留在这个战场上,撒旦会想尽一切办法摧毁我们,阻止福音的前进。然而,在基督里,我们受到保护。在祂里面,我们即使被处死也不会失败,因为最终基督会赐给我们永生。- “主啊,当世俗的黑暗笼罩我们时,求你作我们的光;主啊,当世俗的盔甲不能保护我们时,求你作我们的盾牌;在地狱攻击我们的日子里,主啊,求你赐给我们平安。阿们。(路德宗崇拜书659:3)

10:21–24 While rejoicing that His disciples have received the gift of life-saving faith, Jesus stresses that He is the chief content and unique mediator of the Gospel revelation. Oh, that we would have the grace to rejoice with Him and to appreciate fully the great privilege that is ours in the Gospel! • “In Thee is gladness Amid all sadness, Jesus, sunshine of my heart. By Thee are given The gifts of heaven, Thou the true Redeemer art.” Amen. (LSB 818:1)

10:21-24 耶稣在为门徒得到了拯救的信心而欢欣鼓舞的同时,强调自己是福音启示的主要内容,是独一无二的中保。哦,但愿我们能有与祂一同喜乐的恩典,充分领会我们在福音中的伟大特权!- “耶稣,我心的光芒,纵然经历所有黑暗悲伤,但我在你里面有喜乐。天堂的恩赐由你赐予,你是真正的救赎主”。阿们 (路德宗崇拜书 818:1)

10:25–37 Jesus tells the famous parable of the Good Samaritan to clarify that He expects His followers to do good to all people. However, His concluding exhortation, “Go, and do likewise,” reminds us just how far we are from the loving, self-sacrificing behaviors the Lord expects. So it was that Jesus became the Good Samaritan for us. He laid down His life, befriended us while we were yet His enemies. He promises us full restoration and life everlasting. • Lord, make me more like You, that I grow in faith and love for my neighbor. May people see You in my actions as I reach out to them with Your love. Amen.

10:25-37 耶稣讲述了著名的好撒玛利亚人的寓言,以说明祂期望祂的跟随者向所有人行善。然而,祂最后的劝告 “你去照样行吧 “,提醒我们,我们离主所期望的充满爱心、自我牺牲的行为还有多远。因此,耶稣成为了我们的好撒玛利亚人。祂舍弃了自己的生命,在我们与祂为敌的时候主动与我们结为朋友。祂应许完全恢复和永生给我们。- 主啊,让我更像你,让我在信仰和对邻居的爱中成长。当我用你的爱向他们伸出援手时,愿人们从我的行动中看到你。阿们。

10:38–42 In contrast with Jesus’ demand for great works in the previous parable (vv 25–37), the story of Mary and Martha shows the importance of faith and rest in Jesus and His Word. Today, we are often so distracted that we neglect what matters most: God’s Word and Sacraments. What we can never earn for ourselves, no matter how much we scramble, God freely provides through faith in Jesus Christ. • O Savior, bear my anxieties and remove my distractions, that I may receive Your good portion for me. Amen.

10:38-42 在上一个寓言(第 25-37 节)中,耶稣要求信徒做伟大的善工,与此形成鲜明对比的是,马利亚和马大的故事表明了信靠耶稣和祂的话语并在其中安息的重要性。今天,我们常常分心,以至于忽略了最重要的东西: 上帝的话语和圣礼。我们无论如何努力都无法为自己赢得的东西,上帝却通过在耶稣基督里的信心白白赐予了我们。- 救世主啊,请担当我的焦虑,去除我的杂念,让我得到你为我预备的那上好的福分。阿们。